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wearing my toddler (need product help)

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  • wearing my toddler (need product help)

    My 13 month old loves to be held and I love holding him but need to get my housework (shopping) done at the same time. He loved the sling but grew out of it quickly. He is now 29lbs. I was wondering if you could suggest a reasonably priced sling/wrap I could use for him. I would prefer one that I could have my hands free.
    Thank you!

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    Ergo. Backpack position


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      I loved my Ergo Baby Carrier for this! Between our two kids we got SO much use out of ours, so the price was well worth it!


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        My favorite is the infantino wrap around. You can wear it backpack and on front facing in or out. It's really supportive(my DD is 15 mo and I never get a backache) and about $35 at Target online


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          Ergo for sure I used it from three months old and am still using it at 25 months and she loves it..


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            Pack for over 40 pounds?

            Loved ergo too, used until DS was 40 pounds (about 22s), the last few months just as a backpack. I haven't carried him for the last few months because he is just too heavy but I think he would love to still be carried. Any suggestions of a front pack that would work for 45+ pound toddlers?


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              I really like the Oh Snap by Baby Hawk, it can be used as either a back carrier or a front carrier. I wore my daughter in it until I was in my 2nd trimester of pregnancy when I couldn't comfortable or I felt safely snap it around my growing belly. It is a really nice versatile carrier, and it was so easy to switch from front to back if she decided she wanted to be in a front carry while we were out and about.