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    I have a New Native that we bought when my son was born, but I hardly ever used it. I couldn't ever relax enough and not worry about whether or not he was suffocating. So..... what sling did you use? Which ones did you hate?


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    I'm not sure what kind of carrier a new native is. Is it a ring sling? How old is your son now? When they're really young and don't have head control the safest position is tummy to tummy rather than the cradle position. The cradle position can still be used, but you do have to get them positioned correctly without their chin to their chest so they can breathe and you have to recheck frequently. You don't want to use a sling where they sink down in and their face is covered with fabric or you can put a blanket underneath them so they aren't deep down inside the sling.

    My favorite carriers are woven wraps and mei tais. Once they have head control you don't have to worry so much. I still wear my almost 3 year old son sometimes, so you can definitely still enjoy bwing once they are past that newborn stage.