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How long did you do babywearing?

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  • How long did you do babywearing?

    I am thinking about getting another baby carrier... The Ergo doesn't work as great as I want it to, thinking about trying the Boba... But my little one is reaching 10 months and is not happy being carried for long...I am not sure it is worth getting a new one. At the same time I seem to be carrying her more than ever now. She has been wanting to be carried lots..just not in the carrier. Maybe she isn't so comfortable in it either. (She neveer liked wraps. Too hot I think.)

    How long did you "babywear"?

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    I still wear my son who will be 3 in March. I don't wear him frequently, but I wear him whenever I can. The best use I get out of it now is when we go for walks (snowshoeing now). Before winter he would start out walking and then when he got tired I would put him on my back. Soooo much easier than carrying him in my arms. Now that it's winter I wear him the whole time we go snowshoeing because he's too little still to snowshoe himself. I also wear him anytime we walk very far in the city because it's safer when we're around cars. I don't have to worry about him pulling free from my hand. When I can talk him into it I wear him at the store because it's easier to keep him contained. A carrier is also a great thing to have at a fair or zoo or amusement park where you'll be walking a lot. So much easier than a stroller and I just love having my son up on my back and so close to me. He'll still fall asleep back there sometimes.

    So yes I definitely think it's worth it.


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      I ended up ordering a carrier yesterday. A babies beyond borders kind. )

      Thanks for your reply!


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        Oh good, I hope you get lots of use out of it!


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          Our son and daughter are 9.5 months (7.5 corrected). My favorite carrier is the Boba. I also use a Beco Butterfly which I don't like nearly as well. My daughter still loves to sleep in my husband's sling and both of our children are fine around the house in a snugglewrap (similar to a Moby but less fabric and stretchy). I find that if we give them lots of floor time and time to move around, they are still very happy to get into the carrier. We take lots of outdoor walks and it gives them a safe place from which to explore the world.