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Jolly Jumper sling trouble

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  • Jolly Jumper sling trouble

    I recently was given a jolly jumper sling at a baby shower. My little one is only about 2.5 weeks old and about 7 lbs now. We are having a tough time on figuring out how to get the contraption to work and i was wondering if anyone out there knew of some videos i could watch. I found the instructions that came with the product not very helpful. Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated. Thank you

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    I don't have any instruction links, but I believe the Jolly Jumper is basically a padded, closed tail ring sling. So if you search for ring slings you will probably find a bunch of information. Sometimes the padded slings can be difficult to get tight enough around you - if it is too big for *your* size. That will make for an uncomfortable carry, with baby hanging down too low.

    Are you having trouble with positioning the sling on you, or positioning the baby in the sling so that he's comfortable, or both?


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      Here's a picture of a Jolly Jumper. I'm not sure how to use one, but I'm wondering if your baby is old enough and heavy enough to go in one? It doesn't seem to have enough support for a tiny baby.