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Best baby carrier for newborn?

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  • Best baby carrier for newborn?

    I am expecting a baby in May, and am looking for some input on what is the best baby carrier for a brand new baby. I wore my son in a sling style carrier from about 2 mths, but I remember that I thought he was too little to go in the sling when he was brand new because I was worried about his breathing, and it seems as though my mei tai may be too big for a new born. I am hoping to have a carrier that will allow me to nurse the baby easily while he is in it, as I will also have my hands full with a 3 YO. Any thoughts?


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    I had a Close for my newborn but changed to a Moby so that I could breastfeed in it as she didn't like sitting up to feed as was required in the Close. She was over 6 months when I swapped and lots of friends have managed to feed using the way I showed them with the Moby. Check out as well


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      Hi LLMom,
      I used a ring sling in the very early days with DS2 but found it uncomfortable for long periods. I wanted to stick with it because it's so quick and easy to put on, but just couldn't get compfy, esp since my baby was a 10 pounder, so never teeny tiny! I think if I had a small baby and bigger frame then it would have worked with ring sling. I have used Moby D like snapi1 since week 5 and LO is 11 weeks now and I'm still loving it. The trick is to have baby in as tight as poss (I use Pocket Wrap Cross Carry). I like the stretchy wrap as you can keep it on all day - although I usually retighten after each time I take baby out.

      Originally posted by snapi1 View Post
      changed to a Moby so that I could breastfeed in it
      How did you breastfeed with Moby?! If you can point me in direction of PWCC video that would be great, I've just searched for this and found info on FWCC nursing only. I'm guessing to loosen knot same as with FWCC and jiggle him down a bit??