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Too much babywearing??

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  • Too much babywearing??

    I have a 9 week old baby who spends most of the day sleeping in one of my baby carriers-I use a sling as well as a stretchy wrap style one similar to a Moby. He seems to prefer to be in an upright position in the wrap carrier rather than the sling, and even when he is in the sling now, he wants to be held upright. I love having him close to me, as it is super easy to get him to sleep, and he stays asleep for quite a while, which allows me to play with my older son, however, I am wondering if t's okay for him to be in the sling so much- he's probably in it in total about 6-7 hours a day (not all at one time-I take him out to play when he's awake). Did anyone else wear their babies for this extended period of time each day? Did they turn out okay?

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    Hello! I really felt compelled to answer you because I did exactly what you are asking.

    My baby is now 5 months along. We don't own a pram/ stroller and I've carried him in a woven wrap from 2 days old. He, like yours, also prefers being upright when falling asleep. Just to let you know, he is just fine with everything. I now carry him on my back and he sleeps there just as well as sleeping when I carried him on my front.

    Being in the wrap is great, as when we are out, he will just sleep in the wrap and he hardly ever fusses. The only downside now is naps at home. I used to use the wrap to wear him in until he was asleep and then put him down. He doesn't stay asleep as long in his co - sleeper as he does in the sling for his naps. Probably because he prefers being with mom while he sleeps. We have been using other different ways to put him down for naps so that he is not so reliant on the wrap. I find nursing him to sleep works well, as well as using the rocking chair. This way dad or auntie can put him to sleep too.

    Night time has never been an issue. He used to just go to sleep with me. Now we use a routine of bath, book and boob. He goes down now before I go to sleep. I guess this was easier because I didn't specifically use the sling to put him to sleep at night, as he used to just sleep with me.


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      I did the same when my little guy was first born. It was so much easier because I still had two hands for my daughter. It was also helpful to keep him out of my daughters reach when he was so tiny. He turned out just fine. He's a very active crazy 18mo. old now. I wouldn't worry just enjoy.


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        they push off your body and still get exercise and build muscle.

        i don't think there's such a thing as too much babywearing.hehe

        if it feels natural... i say go with it!