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    I have a problem. My 4yr old is obsessed with touching my behind and says that he loves it. We have tried to tell him that we don't touch other people's bodies and no one should touch his. I am at my wits ends. We are an open family and when they have questions about their bodies we explain in terms appropriate for their age. My husband and I want our boys to know their bodies and not feel ashamed of them. Any suggestions on how to handle this situation?

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    do you think he could be doing it for the reaction?


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      I was wondering about him doing it for a reaction too. Or has he been doing it for a long time?


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        My daughter, also 4, does this too. Any part of my body that is "curvy" and different than hers she is really interested in. She'll want to touch my butt, my breasts, especially my nipples ! I think in her case she's really just curious about the differences. She'll ask me if her boonie will be big like mine someday, if her nipples will get bigger, etc. She has lots of questions about dh's anatomy, too.

        I try not to make a big deal out of it. I tell her that some areas (like nipples) are sensitive, and that I don't like her to touch them. I try not to let it bother me when she stares.

        We've kept this conversation completely different than the "private area" type conversation - I don't know why. I have a hard time with the "private" conversation anyway, because it's such a fine balance between keeping them safe and giving them a complex. Anybody have any ideas for how to describe the body as a gift to be given to who they choose - without getting too deep into sexuality for a 4 year old???


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          As the oldest child, I see this from the standpoint of getting a reaction. I used to do things to my younger sister just for the reaction (I didn't care of it was positive or negative) - when she'd remain neutral about my pestering (not saying your son is pestering hehe) I'd get bored and stop.

          WildBlueberry - I have no clue on that one. My son has no sense of modesty at 6.5, none. While that isn't necessary a bad thing right now I can see it presenting problems later.


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            Reactions....didn't even cross my mind. Hasn't been doing it long. I'll try not to react see how that goes.

            Wildberry, maybe if you say her body is special and leave it at that? unless of course she's asking "why" (like my kids love to ask) it's special.
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