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Been Tired, Somewhat Lazy On Possitive Redirection

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  • Been Tired, Somewhat Lazy On Possitive Redirection

    Lately I find myself with a lot of don't do and no's which I have usually been pretty good about. I think it is because I am tired. I have been having to really pay attention to what I say because I feel naggy.

    Does anyone else get periods like this?
    What do you do to get yourself out of it?


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    Yes I TOTALLY have periods of that, (and like my kids) it is when I am tired, hungry or feeling unloved!
    When I was really pregnant I got real tired and let my son watch way too many shows on TV!

    Do a little self-care or just let them pour their own drink, and clean up the mess later!
    I know it is hard, but no one parents with the best reactions ALL the time. Do your best, then get some rest!


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      I took your advice and asked daddy to watch the little one while I slept in an extra two hours this morning. It helped!


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        i, too, think this is common. i also think it depends on the personality of your child and how many kids you have. i virtually never said no to my 1st, but my 2nd gets it more b/c he wants to do EVERYTHING his older brother does. some things i just have to say no to. he's very strong-willed and distraction rarely works.


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          Its funny to me that distraction rarely worked when my son was a toddler, but now that he is 3 it works really good! I guess he is more curious in a bigger way then before. I mean when you are 2 NOTHING could be more exciting then flour that spilled on the floor. Now at 3 he KNOWS there is more interesting things.....
          Anyway, yes extra sleep is one of my keys to patience with the children!