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I'm new, and I can't believe what I'm reading!

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    Thank you.
    He's doing well. It just takes a lot of patience. Which I'm learning as we go. I know I just have to keep going, not like I have another choice anyway lol I'm praying that it will sink in eventually. I know it will.


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      Hello JensJulyBoy05 and Welcome!

      I just wanted to introduce myself welcome you to API and let you know that I am in the process of starting the new support group for West Los Angeles. I also have a 3 year old son, and did not know about AP and was parenting from instincts. Then when I found API and saw that there was not a support group in the LA area, I really wanted to get one started because I knew I wasn't the only one seeking support for parenting out of the mainstream. We are still co-sleeping at first my hubby was not happy about it but saw that we all slept better in the wonderful family bed he really didn't say much any more. Lately, he has mentioned it would be nice to get him into his own bed soon, neither of us are pushing him. Although I think he's a little worried about not having enough space in our bed since we're also expecting our second child in October. He did ask me if they make beds larger than the eastern king, which made me feel happy that he has come around to my way of thinking

      I'm not sure where you live in LA but I live on the west side, Brentwood/Santa Monica and would love to meet up with you and offer you some support as well as have a play date with our boys


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        Welcome to the AP community! I have also been called a "hippie mama" and have learned to embrace it. I can relate to some of your post as the pressure and unsolicited advice I received with my first child felt wrong in my core. I struggled enormously as my friends all warned me that my extended BF, baby wearning and lack of sleep training would create a maladjusted child. I'm happy to report they were completely wrong.

        My 3.5 yo son is a healthy, thriving, amazing little guy. I also have a 6 mos old infant and I'm so much more confident in my AP style this time around. When mothering feels right in your heart, and you are considering your child's feelings and inner experience, you are doing the right thing. AP helps you learn to trust yourself, your child, and nature!

        Best of luck to you on this journey. You may want to check out the AP books forum for some suggested reading. There is lots of data out there that supports AP. Be kind to yourself and WELCOME!!!


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          Welcome and note

          Hi. It is really important to get support for how you are choosing to raise your child. It's not easy standing your ground in face of so much criticism - so good for you!!! I do have a note about the daycare thing. I am reading a book called the "the Good enough parent" by Bruno Bettleheim. One of it's points is that children do take lots of cues from their parents. If your son senses that you don't think it's safe to be away from him then he will be anxious about being away from you. However there is also the other side of the coin which says that children before 3 might not be ready to be away from their primary caretaker. But if you son is doing well and seems happy then maybe that should be your best cue that it is ok. Just some food for thought.... You are clearly a very loving and involved parent- keep trusting your instincts