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Tell me about "Love and Logic"

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  • Tell me about "Love and Logic"

    Can someone give me the low-down on the "Love and Logic" books. I know it is something about consequences. Do they use natural consequences? Or some fear laden unnknown threat of some type of consequence?

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    We had a discussion about this on the leader side of the forum a while back and seemed to come to a partial agreement that it was too inflexible and punitive to be considered AP. I have not read the book myself.... maybe one of the other moderators will chime in.


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      Love and Logic has some really great premises and ideas for parenting, but the methods are NOT AP, Time outs, Logical Consequences... You have to take what you want and LEAVE the rest.

      There's a lot better books, but it's not totally useless. You might be better off signing up for their free newsletter, that's where a lot of the gold in there ideas are.