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Dr Neufeld and discipline

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  • Dr Neufeld and discipline

    So I was fortunate enough to be on the API teleseminar last night with Dr Gordon Neufeld and our founder Lysa Parker.

    His ideas, his beliefs his words are so transformational.

    One thing he said, that made me have an ah-ha moment was when he so gently said ""Parents today are looking for answers..... No, don't do that. YOU are the answer for your child. Believe in the process."

    This was ground-breaking and transformational to me. It gave me such hope, such belief.

    What did you all think?

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    he brought tears to my eyes on so many occassions! i loved when he said, (paraphrased) "if you have your child's heart, you have everything you need to raise them." the other thing that really stuck with me is "we need to think of ourselves as gardners, not sculptors."
    we can't force our children to be one way or the other. we just accept them, love them, show them the way in a non-critical fashion, and form a strong bond with them. i'd love to meet him in person and give him a hug after hearing his kind words and wisdom last night.


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      I couldn't make it. Ronnie needed my full attention so I am hoping to hear this later when they make it available.



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        Dr. Neufeld will be returning to API Live on March 30th!