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  • Please share your experiences for article

    I am writing an article about the importance of building strong connections with children, with a focus on positive discipline. The work of Pam Leo (Connection Parenting), Judy Arnall (Discipline Without Distress) and Jan Hunt (The Natural Child) will be highlighted. The article is currently for a writing class but I will likely pursue not-for-profit publication down the road.

    Would anyone be willing to share thoughts or experiences for possible inclusion in the article? Please feel free to comment or share stories about any of the topics mentioned below (even if you are not familiar with the authors noted above), but please do not feel you must respond to every item. Anything you have time and energy to share would be of interest. You can send a message to me directly rather than replying on the forum.

    1. Please share the ages and genders of your children, as well as your childcare situation (i.e. – full time parent at home, part-time or full-time childcare and type of care, school, etc). Please also comment on whether I can use your first name in the article or whether you’d prefer to remain completely anonymous.

    2. What kinds of positive discipline approaches do you use and what is their effectiveness (i.e. – listening, validating feelings, empathy, time-in, problem solving, providing choices, other techniques).

    3. How you handle common behaviors like tantrums, unsocial behavior (kicking, hitting, biting), child saying no & uncooperativeness, lying, ‘bad’ manners, fighting with siblings or other children, other behaviors.

    4. What changes have you noticed in your child(ren) since using connection-based or positive discipline approaches?

    5. What are your biggest successes and challenges in using these types of approaches?

    6. How do other people react to your parenting style (i.e. – spouse, family members, friends, strangers, any other relevant person)?

    7. Are there any more traditional discipline approaches that you use (i.e. time-out as punishment, logical consequences, grounding, taking away privileges, other methods)? What are the successes or challenges? How do your children react?

    8. Leaving aside issues of discipline, how do you nurture connection with your children?

    THANK YOU for your participation !!!