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  • "Leave the baby alone!"

    Hi everyone, would love to hear your thoughts on this:

    Our daughter is 6 months old. I feel a steady stream of others around me mentioning how important independent play is for a baby. While i do have her laying down with toys around her to roll to, or do whatever she wants with, i'd say it's not much more than 15 minutes a day. other than that time, i spend our waking hours slinging her in house or for walks outdoors, or am engaged with her, on the floor with her either singing, reading/sitting up/mirror play/peekaboo stuff/rolling balls, handing her blocks/toys, and talking etc. (by the way, when i play with her, i am sure to let her figure things out, choose things to do with her eyes and reaches, get a little frustrated, etc - all to say, i'm not smothering her!)

    I have always thought the more engaged i am with her, the more likely i am to be in tune to her cues, to have a better understanding of where she is at developmentally, as well as when she seems 'off' - all the while, assuming that i was doing our attachment to one another wonders. Perhaps those with more parenting experience can let me know whether i should be allowing her to play on her own more, for her healthy development?

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    you sound like your fine..... I'm sure she plays alone for a few minutes while you change, get lunch, check e-mail.
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      You sound like you're doing everything right. The older your daughter gets the more independent her play will become even when she's playing with you. For instance she'll start reaching for things she wants and she'll initiate games to play. As she gets older she'll play by herself for short times. My son (16 months) will play by himself while I do dishes and when he's done he holds out his arms for me to pick him up and so I do. Just follow your daughter's lead for when she wants to start doing things herself. Follow your instincts like you are.


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        It sounds like you're very in-tune with her and her developmental needs, Mama.


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          I think I am finally getting the important point, as I read through others' threads and your replies to my specific questions. I WILL CONTINUE TO FOLLOW MY INSTINCTS!
          Thank you all, as always


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            One of my biggest peeves is when someone tells me to "let my baby be a baby". While it's important that they do need time to learn how to be/play alone, they also need social interaction. Our little sponges learn from us. If we were to "leave the baby alone", who knows WHERE they would be at 2 years old.

            It doesn't sound to me like you're doing ANYTHING wrong. Keep up with your instincts, and keep the play/games going!!