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  • Hair pulling

    I have a 14 month old daughter. She still breast feeds and has recently been sick and lost some weight so is feeding more than usual to catch up. I have long hair which she likes to play with while she feeds, she has always been gentle but in the last few days she has been pulling it really hard.

    I have tried telling her that it hurts me and asking her to be gentle and stroke me and I show her by stroking her hair/face. Sometimes this works but other times is doesn't, I can tie my hair back but she can still reach the tiny hairs by my ears which hurt even more! If I stop her hand she starts slapping or scratching.

    Today I ended up raising my voice as she got my hair and pulled and wouldn't let go - she smiled and carried on. All this time she was feeding from me. When I had freed my hair I unlatched her and put her on the floor. She got very upset and signed for milk and so I said she had to be gentle and picked her up and let her feed again. Later she wouldn't stop pulling again and so I put her on the floor for a moment.

    What I wanted to know was whether people thought that this was an ok way of dealing with hair pulling or is this too much like a time out?

    I would really appreciate some help with this one.



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    Luckily neither of mine did have a compulsion to do too much annoying stuff while nursing. My second tries real hard to play with my shirt and all sorts of junk that drives me crazy. I ask him to "stop please", then question "are you finished?" and if he still does it I tell him "Mommy 's finished". It does work for us actually and he knows that word really well and what it means (he is now 26m old) Most of the time he quits what ever 'thing' is going on and if he does not; it is likely he really just wants to be silly with Mommy and does not have to be nursing to do it!
    So then I try to play in some other way.


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      Thanks for replying to me.

      My daughter knows the word finished so that sounds like a good way of asking consistently. I shall try that next time. Possibly just unlatching her and sitting her up may be enough to indicate to her without putting her on the floor. I was just a little wound up today.

      Thank you.