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The Playgroup Altercation: When Your Child is the Hitter

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  • The Playgroup Altercation: When Your Child is the Hitter

    What do you do when your child hits another kid? How do you handle it when the other child's parent is upset with the situation?

    Judy Arnall, author of Discipline without Distress and Canadian parenting educator, is back on The Attached Family online with six steps any parent can do when their child hits another parent's child.

    "You are having a lovely pleasant chat with a mom you havenít seen in ages and suddenly you hear a loud thud, an ear-piercing scream, and then another mother appears before you clutching a sobbing preschooler with a tear-stained cheek and red eyes. Apparently, your son hit her daughter and now the mother and daughter -- and all eyes from the playgroup are on you as to what you are going to do about it. Itís a parentís worst moment, and one that is never covered in the parenting books. What is the best way to handle playgroup altercations that leaves everyone feeling content and validated?"
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