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Resolving Sibling Rivalry: The Story of the Dead Balloon

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  • Resolving Sibling Rivalry: The Story of the Dead Balloon

    How do you handle it when your children argue? Personally, I try to help them talk with one another -- but I love what Shoshana recommends in helping our children first learn to identify their feelings (obvious and hidden) surrounding the situation.

    Shoshana Hayman, director of Israel's Center for Attachment Parenting, debuts our "Kids are for Life!" column with an article illustrating a parent's true role in resolving sibling rivalry.

    “It was a typical birthday party: Balloons, ice cream, games, and party favors filled the day with happiness and excitement for Karen and the group of friends she invited to celebrate her eighth birthday. Her older sister went to the neighborhood gift shop to surprise Karen with a special helium balloon in her favorite colors.

    While Karen wasn’t looking, her younger sister pierced the prized helium balloon with a pin. Her mother caught her daughter in this mischievous act but decided to handle the situation after the party. When all the guests went home, she went with balloon in hand to find Karen in her bedroom.”
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