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Problem with saying "no-no" to 8 month old

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  • Problem with saying "no-no" to 8 month old

    I'm a new, and very young mom. The baby has just started crawling last Monday and now she's everywhere as you can imagine. I'm trying to teach her early on, in a nice way, what the word "no no" means. She looks at me like I've hurt her feelings when I tell her no, continues to do the action, and then nothing gets solved. I know she may not have the ability to reason at this age but I'd like to get her started with it. The other problem is, instead of listening or being receptive, she says the word "no no" as if she would say "mama." How can I clear up this confusion for her or is it lost hope right now?

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    You're right, at 8 months, she does not have the ability to reason. At all! So the "no-no"s that you're hearing from her are just her trying out new words & sounds...that's it.

    Instead of telling her "no", you're #1 approach should be prevention, prevention, prevention. Make any environment she's in a "Yes" environment. That is, babyproof everything thoroughly and completely so that you don't have to be constantly telling her no. At this age, she is hard-wired to explore her surroundings and take in the world through all of her senses. She is going to be everywhere and into everything, so make it all OK. If she does get into a "no-no", the next 2 steps (after prevention) are distraction & redirection.

    She will not understand "No" for quite a while. And even when toddlers do start to understand "No", it is almost impossible for them to control their impulses. So, for several years of parenting, 1. prevention, 2. distraction, and 3. redirection are the main course of action in keeping children safe & helping them find appropriate activities.