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Online course Positive Discipline

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  • Online course Positive Discipline

    I have a moodle platform (e-learning) for parenting support and was wondering to offer a positive discipline 8 week course as a way to have people have some contact with positive discipline.

    Anybody ever thought about something like this? Or interested in exploring this with me?

    Greetings from Portugal,

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    I would be interested in learning more about the course. Do you have any other details?


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      I would be interested, also.


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        PD Online course

        glad to know somebody is interested in exploring this

        I am starting in January offering this 8 week class to the members of my group (who are not very local but spread over the (small) country of Portugal)

        I am using a Moodle platform, which I know are available for free registering (only you then have some publicity on the page).
        And I get some 8 topics about PD together with some exercises for whom wishes to do them and a discussion forum (all included in moodle)...

        A simliar technique is used for the no/low-cost year-long nvc and other approach based program I have organized with a freind, which you can read about (and participate) here:

        I hope this is of interest for some of you

        Please let me know any specific questions you might have.



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          I'm interested too

          Hi! I am halfway through "Unconditional Parenting" and would love to have an opportunity to explore this topic more. How exactly can I join in your course? Thanks!


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            Online course

            I am giving the Unconditional Parenting course in portuguese, not sure if you are very fluent in pt

            The idea for this was that there are obviously ppl who do not know enough english, or do not want to read a wholhe book in enlgish, and they might be interested in the concept itself and wanting some exchange and orientation about this topic.

            I have some other books in mind which I woudl like to "offer as courses".

            As to the possiblity of doing some courses for or with API...if we get some 4 or 5 leaders together we might offer a course on smoe related topic.

            We could use the moodle plattform and I could show you how it works.

            In the year-long we have 12 contributors (w/out getting paid) and some offer a teleconference.

            The first one will be in january 16th at 9 am PST with Sarah Peyton no NVC & IPBN (Interpersonal Neurobiology as in Parentnig from the inside out from Daniel Siegel)