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He won't stop hitting me!

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  • He won't stop hitting me!

    I am a single mom with a 28 month old beautiful spirited little man. Everyone says it's his age, and I get that but I need some support and advice for making it through this and possibly the next 16 plus years. He is my only, so it is my little man and me most of the time. He goes to daycare full time and does see his father every other weekend and on Wednesday evenings. His father isn't much help with any sort of discipline what-so-ever. So he hits me all the time. When I say no to anything, I always say no with an explanation, 2, 3 times and then take what ever away that he is hitting the wall with or on the verge of breaking. And again I explain. So then he hits me. A lot of times he is throwing a ball in the kitchen when I am trying to make supper, it lands in the food or the dirty sink, or is knocking something over. I get that he probably wants my attention so I am trying to stop what I am doing and take him into a different room to play or read a book for a few minutes if supper can simmer on the stove or what ever it is i am trying to do can wait. It is very frustrating though and I have just recently read about these new techniques to try (distraction). Maybe I should bring some blocks or a book for him to look at into the kitchen while I am trying to cook and we can talk about his day. I have put band aids on where he hit me, said "someone hit me, I have an owie" and a million times I have said please don't hit mommy, it hurts me and my feelings. "It's ok to be mad and angry but you have to use your words, you can't hit" I know it probably takes me saying this 3 million times, not just 1 million. But oofda! Holy smokes, this is tough! I thought about having pre-cooked meals that I prepare on the weekends so I just need to re-heat stuff during the week. However that takes a lot of planning and basically i struggle with that. I guess I have already found a lot of ideas and need to just do it! Any other thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    One idea that struck me while reading about throwing a ball while you're cooking, is to try to get him involved in cooking. We have a learning tower our daughter can stand on while we cook. Maybe give him a banana and a cutting board/spoon to cut it with? Something like that... Give him a bowl with something to mix, etc.

    Just a quick thought!



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      I hope this has gotten better for you, I see this is an old thread. I am a SAHM and I have struggled with paying attention to my son and still being able to get things done from the start. My son is 2 and is very busy. I didn't start out AP either. We love our learning tower, money very well spent. We have a small kitchen so it's pretty cramped and for him to play in the sink it has to be pretty clean in there. But he loves it, much more than playing with almost any toys. He does want to help me pour and mix, but I'm not as patient as I should be with that. Mostly he just plays with the water and a bowl or cups in the sink. I'm sure it hasn't helped the water bill to leave it running for a half hour at a time, but it has helped my sanity and his happiness!