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    My partner and I are very interested in practicing positive discipline but we really need more information about how to go about this. Both of us were raised in very mainstream homes...spankings, time outs, etc. were the norm. Our son is almost 5 months old so definitely no discipline or discipline issues with him. But we'd like to start learning more now so we can gently discipline our son when the time comes. What books or resources have helped you? The closest AP group is about two hours away, so unfortunately that is not an option for learning from other families.

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    Dr. Sears has a lot of information about discipline on his website, as well as in his positive discipline book - those might be good resources to start your learning journey.


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      Here is a fantastic book to start with:
      "Unconditional Parenting" by Alfie Kohn

      Also helpful:
      "Positive Discipline" by Jane Nelsen

      The Attached Family Magazine has articles in print and online about various topics in positive discipline. I'd recommend a subscription, as well as checking the online edition positive discipline category periodically:

      And continue to come back here and post your questions on this forum when you need help that's what we're here for!