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  • Good books on Positive Discipline

    I am looking for good books on positive discipline. Any one have books/a book to recommend that you liked?

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    Yes, my favorite is "Positive Discipline," by Jane Nelsen. That's a good one to start with, and then there's "Positive Discipline A to Z," and "Positive Discipline for Preschoolers," too, both also by Jane Nelsen.

    I also like "Unconditional Parenting," by Alfie Kohn, and "Kids Are Worth It," by Barbara Coloroso.

    Any of those are great for learning PD!


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      Jane Nelsen

      I just dove into the world of Positive Discipline just before Christmas. I was so happy I found Jane Nelsen! My husband and I were in big disagreement on how to discipline our toddler and "Positive Discipline" helped me get through to him. It helped me refine my methods and solidify my beliefs. Now we both practice the same discipline and my husband has seen a drastic improvement in my daughter's behavior towards him. Even our littlest people know what it means to feel loved and respected. They too need to be able to feel like their dignity is still in tact.

      I highly recommend all of her books as well! I've just started the First Three Years and love it so far.


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        I have read "Unconditional Parenting" by Alfie Kohn. Watched his dvd about it too. Very, very good.

        I ordered Jane Nelsen's book and the one I got seems to be kinda old. From the 70's. Is that the right book?


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          There are updated can get them at Amazon, but here's a list of several of the most popular books at the Positive Discipline store...


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            Are Jane Nelsen's book built on the same principals as Alfie Kohn's?
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              Yes...positive discipline is based on no punishments, rewards, threats or bribes...I like it because it's a very practical way to apply the principals in Unconditional Parenting.


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                I bought adventures in gentle discipline from the La Leche store and I really like it. There are some good tips in it.