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    Hello folks- I could use some support and suggestions in dealing with my glorious ds#2 (17 mo)- he's in full exploration mode and fearless.
    I'm finding myself very frustrated with the repetitive re-directions, request etc- eg: climbs on chair to get on table when I'm preparing a meal or when I'm not in the room. After being taken off the table and said- the table is for eating not climbing on- and sent off to play. He 360's and is right back climbing on the chair.

    or the other frustrating event- while doing laundry he loves the chimes of the buttons on the machines. He's constantly turning them on and off- I'm concerned about longevity of machines if this is done repetitively. I say, not for Liam, no touching machines. I try to redirect by having him help me load the washer or get him engaged with a toy... not 5 seconds later he's back at the buttons or screaming if I've blocked it off.

    I'm an AP convert after being much more mainstream with ds#1- and am finding myself reverting to undesirable methods and reactions.

    Your input is welcome. Thanks in advance.

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    Hi It is frustrating isnt it?? My DD is the same age and her favorite pass time is climbing onto the table.

    I guess it depends on what you are comfortable with. I have helped her explore the table and also shown her how to get up and down safely... that makes me feel a bit more comfortable if she happens to get up there while I am not in the room. Then we just slowly plug away at the 'we dont climb on the table' mantra. She is not big enough to pull the chairs out from the table so we make sure they are pushed in at all times and when she does get up there we make a fun game of jumping off it into Mums arms, swung around and then fly to something else... she usually forgets about the table.

    Find other things for your LO to climb on. Its something that is fun to do and also teaches confidence and balance. We love to take the cushions of the couch and the kids climb all over it and if there is a fall we place the cushions on the ground so no bumps and bruises. Is there a toddler gym program that you can join?

    It is a stage, and it will pass. The thing you need to do is decide how much you are comfortable with. I dont mind the kids on the table really... not while there is food on there though, that is my limit.

    The buttons thing is a bit the same. Not only are they fun to play with but he also gets a great reaction from you when he touches them! FUN! Do you have an old appliance around that can be a dedicated button toy? We have an ancient old computer that we have set up for the kids. It turns on and off and has been stripped of everything but the basic system. Doesnt matter if it breaks, it was destined for the dump anyway. The children love to play on it. If DD is getting into something that she shouldnt (she loves our oven) I pick her up and sit her in front of the computer and say something like "these buttons are for pushing" she will more often than not just sit and start playing.

    But more than ANY of that I think that the trick is to make sure that climbing bodies and busy fingers are busy BEFORE they find something they shouldnt. If you are in the kitchen set him up at the sink with a cup and some water before you start cleaning up. Its bored fingers that get into trouble and because they get such a great reaction its also a way to get your attention.

    Hope that helps. I definitely dont get it right all the time. It IS frustrating and does take more time and effort to do this.... but its worth it. You will both feel so much better at the end of the day if you havent been at loggerheads.