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Help with my son's PENIS!

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  • Help with my son's PENIS!

    Now that I have your attention!... My 2YO daughter thinks its hilarious to grab my 4YO son's penis who also finds this hilarious! I'm trying to teach my kids that private parts are private without giving them issues about it. I don't have a problem with the grabbing so much as trying to encourage my kids to respect their bodies and not allow others to touch them unwillingly. I'm torn as to how to approach this. A big part of me wants to ignore it and let it take its course since it isn't bothering either of them. Another part of me wants it to be a learning experience except I don't know how to teach it! Any suggestions on how to move forward? My son is also picking up a lot of "bum bum" talk and sticking out his "booty" at people from preschool and I don't know if I should be nipping it in the bud or again, ignoring it and let this phase pass...

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    The inappropriate talk & behavior in public should, definitely, be addressed. I usually told my kids that talking about or showing privates (penis, butt, vulva, girls chests) can make some people uncomfortable, so it's polite to not do that at all, when others are around. We don't like to make other people uncomfortable.

    At home, though, that's a little harder to address. I think that, if I was in your situation, I'd feel the same way - that it doesn't seem to be inappropriate or uncomfortable for either of them, so why ask them to stop? But... It is uncomfortable for *you*, so that's reason enough to ask them to stop. Your feelings are to be respected, too. I think that I'd be more likely to approach it by letting them know that I was concerned for their physical safety. I'd say that testicles & penises are easily hurt & that I"m worried that they might accidentally hurt each other when they play wild like that. Then, I'd ask them to stop to help me know that they were being safe.