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Help! My baby bites me!

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  • Help! My baby bites me!

    My almost 10 month old has started biting me...and NOT when he nurses. He likes to stand against the couch (or where ever I am sitting) and "creep" to me and try to bite whatever he can reach, usually my knee, leg (shin) or toe! I try to tell him no and redirect him but most of the time he just smiles and tries it again. I try to sign "no" when I say it as we are doing baby sign with him. And when I sign no, he then tries to bite my fingers! This has been going on for a few weeks and some days I get more frustrated than I would like to be over it.

    My mom suggested putting him in his crib for a short period of time when he bites, to try to remove him from the situation and try to send the message that biting is not okay. I don't know if I'm comfortable with this since it would basically be time out. But I don't have any good ideas on how to get him to stop!

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    ... I know its hard, as we don't want or imagine this to happen with our children. I don't, personally agree with time outs, esp with children this young. It is most likely a developmental thing and an experiential thing, or maybe they're teething? try and let them know what they can bite, or get some teething rings or toys... re direct, re direct. It is hard, and had things similiar to this and re direction does pay off... I had it with the twidling the other nipple while nursing and now she seldom does it. Shamefully, I had lost my nerve with that a couple of times, cos' it was annoying as anything... but remember 10 months is young and you sound like a caring, loving parent and it will pass.... eventually. Best of Luck!