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Another Biting Story

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  • Another Biting Story

    well, i went to pick up ds2 from montessori preschool yesterday and was presented w/an incident report to sign. he had been bit on the wrist! at first i was shocked, but it also felt ironic b/c i had been reading the other biting thread here. it really helped me to remember all of you mammas who had experienced their own children biting b/c i was able to more easily empathize w/the child who bit and his parents. so thanks for sharing your struggles!

    anyway, the bite didn't break the skin, but left a perfectly round welt of teeth marks. i had to explain to a few people that NO, it's not ringworm!

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    Oh, I'm sorry your son was hurt

    I am definitely grateful for the empathy I have learned from AP--it helps so much to understand children who express themselves physically!


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      What a great opportunity for others to see your compassionate response.

      3 cheers for this board!