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  • Tips for a yes environment

    I'm looking for tips on creating a yes environment with 2 different ages. I have a 1 year old and 3.5 year old, and I'm remembering when my daughter was 1 I just got rid of everything she couldn't play with and there didn't have to be a ton of redirection. With an older sister I'm having a hard time doing the same for my son, and we are at the height of his frustration with not being verbal. He wants to play with the crayons but he is in the eating crayons stage, if I put them up where he can't reach them, his sister gets upset because I've taken away her ability to get her toys at will. He is rather tall and can reach the same surfaces as his sister, and if he can't reach, his sister taught him to pull over a step stool to reach. What has worked for others?