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    I'm due any day now. My son is 2. Never been apart. We had grandma come from oversea to help out since last week.... he's slowly getting used to her. During the day I'd be OK to leave him with her if I need to leave. At night, he gets very scared when I'm not around. Grandma absolutely refuse to come to hospital with us at night. She doesn't see why she needs to... and she says just let him cry it out until he's tired and he'll go back to sleep. If I think in her point of view, I can see that it's easier to settle him in familiar surrounding. But if I think from my son's points of view... it's just not ok. So any ideas?

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    That is a hard one! Would he wake up if already asleep when you left? Is there another person who you (and him) feel comfortable bringing him? Obviously your mother (or MIL) has no clue that this is actully that important to she can't even imagine why anyone would even care! That was one of my most pressing concerns for the birth of my second child. I had a homebirth so at least that part was simplified!

    Are you sure the hospital is even going to allow him there? Most of the local hospitals here have banned anyone under 18 to visit for any reason due to flu season stuff.


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      my son was 20 months when my daughter was born. like you, we had never been apart. my husband stayed with him at home and my sister was a part of my birth. my husband and son visited us the next morning and we went home that afternoon. we did a lot of prep for him prior to the birth. i remember this being my biggest worry too.


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        Thanks mommies!
        Aside from me... the person he's closest to is dad. But dad needs to be with me for the birth. We just moved contry too... so we don't know anyone here unfortunately. Thanks though for the replies, then I know I'm not crazy and alone in this... I'm going by the day now... every day and every hr he spends with my MIL he gets more comfortable... so I just hope that when it happens... all will fall into places. No homebirth for me either... VBAC risks.


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          Originally posted by naomifrederickmd View Post
          Would he wake up if already asleep when you left?
          Yes. He's still nursing through the night... sometimes 2-3x per night... that might be the whole reason he gets scared if I'm not around... boobies are his comfort thing at night. That doesn't help.


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            How bout do what we did, have your babe at the birth and have your husband take care of him and hire a doula? If the hospital doesn't like it say tough I don't have a choice.

            I'm told they usually don't mind cause well he's too young to be home alone.


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              I don't have much advice - I'm sorry! I just wanted to say good luck. For my delivery, I needed both my husband AND a doula. So when I was at the hospital, our daughter was staying with friends. She knew them well because they were the only other people that I'd let watch her - she had been at their house many times before with me, and on occasion on her own with them. I guess she did pretty well, but was a little upset at times. Since this wasn't an every-day occurrence, I was OK with that. It was a two-day ordeal that she (and I)recovered from. There was no way she could have been there - I don't think that would have been good for her or me. That is just my own experience though - I know it totally works for other people. (My daughter was 9 months old when her sister was born - so it was a different situation than with an older kiddo).


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                childcare while in labor

                Try posting your request under Talk in the Arden / Sierra Oaks topic area.

                Im from the area, but didnt do infant childcare in the area, so I cant help you.

                Good luck