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need a non-vax pediatrician

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  • need a non-vax pediatrician

    Hello all! We are going to be switching insurance soon and will be able to see a larger number of Dr's(previously with Kaiser so limited). Anyways, we don't vaccinate and was wondering if anyone knows of a pediatrician who will allow us at thier practice still? In the past I've just told the various Dr's that we're delaying but my dd is now 18 mos old so that isn't really an option anymore. I have friends who have been told not to come back at a few practices for theier decision and I can't really spend my time traipsing all over the county just to get turned away. Obviously it's my decision as a parent and I can refuse anything I want, but if I can do it without confrontation that would be great-particularly b/c I am 7 1/2 mos pregnant and will have to start the whole debate over again with the new baby. Anyways, I need a Dr in San Diego, am willing to pay cash. If you don't know of a Dr and just want to ague about vaccinating, please don't respond. I am way too tired and I have done all the research. Thank you!

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    I'm not in the area so I can't give a specific doctor, but the decision we made was to go with a Naturopath who accepts our insurance. I have found that "alternative" providers are far friendlier with the idea. That might be a good place to start if your insurance will cover it, hope it helps!