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Pregnant and worried about hospital stay without my 3 year old

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  • Pregnant and worried about hospital stay without my 3 year old

    Hi, AP mamas:

    We just found out we're expecting our second child in August 2012 and are very excited! The only thing that has put a black mark on it for me is worrying about our 3 year old (when baby is born, she will be almost 4) and how she'll fare during our hospital stay.

    We have decided on a hospital birth (I wish we were home birth people, but I'm 41, insurance doesn't cover enough, etc.), and unless I find out something drastically different, she will be away from me during the two nights I am at the hospital with the new baby. I'm worried, and, while we're lucky we have time to figure it out, it's hard to imagine what the solution will be.

    I've never been away from my daughter overnight, or for more than 4-5 hours at a time. My daughter still breastfeeds at least once a night, sometimes more, and cuddles with me (sometimes with her head on my stomach) most of the night. I'm #1 all the time. Dad is very involved and wonderful, but when she wants me, it's me and no one else.

    My mother will be here, and she is very close to her as well, but putting her to bed and all of that, that's been me from the beginning. I have thought that her father should stay home at nights during that time, so there is more normal here as well.

    I guess I'm just really worried. It's hard to imagine things changing or us changing things so drastically in the next 8 months.

    I figured if anyone had any ideas, it would be this group of mamas. Anyone have any resources, experiences to share, or anything that could help?

    Thanks, and Merry Christmas to everyone out there! Hope it was a magical, blessed day.

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    I was able to have my husband and oldest son (one month shy of 3 yrs old) stay with me at the hospital, as long as my husband was responsible for him, while I took care of the new baby. We had just moved to largo, Florida and I was very surprised by this. i had a choice of two hospitals and chose this one specifically for this reason.

    I would go to labor and delivery and ask their rules. I was really happy about this as my son has never been away from us and he still breastfeeds. It was also great that he got to meet the baby about an hour after he was born.

    I just assumed he couldn't be there at night and it was a nurse who filled me in.



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      Thanks for your reply! I hope hope hope we can have the same experience! I will definitely check it out! Thanks again! Corinne


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        Congratulations. I just had my second child when my first was 3yrs 3 months. I had a c-section so was in the hospital for FIVE days. I had the same worries as you but it all went smoothly. She stayed with grandparents and visited me several times. She slept well for everyone and never asked for milk (out of sight, out of mind?). I had her help grandparents go shopping for a gift for baby, and help wrap it. That made her feel really special and needed. I also asked my husband to spend as much time with her as possible and to keep routines as much as possible. I'd rather he be with the older child than sitting around a hospital with me and new baby - There will be plenty of time for family bonding at home.