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Choosing a Pediatrician

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  • Choosing a Pediatrician

    Let's share tips on finding the right doctor for our new babies.
    Talk about what we want or need out of a health care provider and how we make our relationships work with the provider, so our health care needs are met and respected.

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    I can't wait to read some responses. What a great thread idea, Traci!

    We are currently on the lookout for a new doctor, so I don't have lots of great tips.

    Some things I look for are-
    -support of breastfeeding into toddlerhood and beyond (or at least not vehemetly against it--out last doc stongly cautioned against nursing a child who could remember it because this could cause "societal problems")
    -when breastfeeding gets tough, a doctor that doesn't suggest formula supplementation
    -ideally, one who is informed about cosleeping (I can handle a well-meaning, but uninformed warning about SIDS, but don't appreciate MANY conversations on the matter or hearing the doctor's opinions about what cosleeping may do to my marriage)
    -I prefer doctors who don't generally prescribe antibiotics too quickly and those doctors who don't routinely give steroid shots for every illness to "kickstart recovery"
    -a doctor who will tollerate my chosen vaccination schedule
    -a doctor who knows when to refer a patient, should that become necessary.
    -and when I leave the office after a visit, ideally I should feel empowered--but I'd settle for not feeling defeated.


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      the only thing we look forward is someone that won't prescribe meds and will treat naturally. i never ask parenting advice of a doctor and don't expect to get any.


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        When we switched doctors two years ago our biggest issue was whether or not s/he was going to pressure us on vaccinations. Our oldest son had a bad reaction to a shot and that's when we started doing our own research on them. When I had my first meeting with our doctor, she mentioned one time that we should get the vaccinations, but after I declined, she never brought it up again. To me, it seemed as if she HAD to say something, but she's completely supportive of us not vaccinating.


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          Our pediatrician doesn't waste our time. He's very to-the-point, and if you're the same way with him and up front with your beliefs and preferences for care, he will work with you. He's never questioned us about our choice to not vaccinate (however we do have legal, notarized exemption forms on file so there isn't much he could say anyway) and is not the kind of doctor who will prescribe antibiotics at the drop of a hat. In fact, he seems to be relieved by the fact that we take so much initiative for our children's health and don't just rely on him to tell us what to do. We've had a few bad ones before this one, ones that were pushy about everything, badly versed with breastfeeding, etc etc...

          I guess my best advice is to be yourself when interviewing potential candidates for your child's doctor, and if you don't like the doctor's reaction to you then move on to the next one.


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            Good tips so far...this is a subject that I have no idea about, any help will be appreciated!


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              I forgot at Dr. Sears site for choosing a pediatrician.


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                in our search for a pediatrician, all I knew to ask was about support for breastfed baby, lenient vaccination approach and an openness to holistic medicine. Now, I would also ask about their approach to sleep and "sleep training" also how they suggest introducing solids.

                Mama to Ahilya, (7 months), wife to Ari


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                  If only every pediatrician was a Dr. Sears.
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                    Frustrated about vaccinating!!

                    I'm a new, older mom of one, and this is my first post to this group. I have been doing research on vaccinations, and I am very frustrated. My little one is 4 1/2 months old and she has not had a single shot of any kind. I just got off the website "kansas laws for vaccinating". My question is: How do you plan on getting your child into school with no vaccinations or a partial vaccination list? There are requirements for getting them into school and I'm not an advocate of lying saying that I cannot vaccinate due to "my religious beliefs". I also will not be able to home school. I'm sure this has been threaded into the ground before me so I apologize for repeated advise here, but I am confused, upset, and concerned. I don't want to vaccinate, but I also see that I don't have a choice. Any advise would be helpful. Also, I too am looking for a new pediatrician, as mine makes me feel guilty upon leaving her office because I am choosing to be on the fence about vaccinating. Will posters please share their pediatricians name. There are so many not taking new patients. I was lucky to get the one I have because she is new in town.



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                      The most important things for me are:

                      -some flexibility in vaccination schedule
                      -support of breastfeeding even past 12 months
                      -someone who takes a more neutral stance on issues like circumcision, "crying it out," and cosleeping and won't condemn our choices
                      -someone who doesn't act like he/she is on a higher level than myself because of an MD!

                      I agree with the previous post that sometimes you just want to leave not feeling defeated; but empowerment would be great!