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Jeremiah's Birth Story

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  • Jeremiah's Birth Story

    The quick stats:
    Jeremiah Allen - Boy
    41 weeks, 6 days, born on May 9 at 6:50pm, at home
    10 pounds, 10 ounces, 21 inches long

    The Story:
    My midwife and I felt that Jeremiah was getting on the big side and we agreed to try a little herbal assistance. She came to the house around 3ish and I took some Black Cohosh. Without even realizing I was contracting, I thought I was just having braxton hicks contractions, I went from 2 centimeters to 5 centimeters in a few hours (5:15ish). When suddenly I started to feel the contractions and strong. They went from nothing to full on contractions two minutes apart for about half an hour. Then they started to blend (no break between), about every 4-5 I would get a 30 second break. Things continued to progress quickly.

    At about 6:20ish, I was on the birth stool and Jeannie decided to see where I was as I had a lot of pressure. That was actually the bulging bag of waters I was feeling. I was a tight 6 at this point. I decided to get in the tub and it helped for a few. I climbed out and laid on the bed. I started crying "I can't do this, I just need 4 minutes to get a grip!" Jeannie reminded me that I can and Keith said it too. So I went from crying I can't to "I can". I then got on the floor on my hands and knees. I said the pressure was bothering me. They (there were two midwives and an assistant) asked me if I needed to push. I said no and then the next contraction came and I said "I'm pushing!!"

    I reached down to feel the baby's head was right there as I lunged my right leg forward. I knew he felt huge. Even Jeanne blurted out "It's a very big head" She helped to maneuver his head and shoulders as I pushed. I felt like I was tearing in half especially towards my anus. But I instinctively knew that if I stopped (lost momentum) he might get stuck. Jeanne said his hand was on his face and moved it saw a loose cord around the neck and unlooped it. She also didn't want me to stop pausing. At this point I looked at two my children who were in the room. My 6 year old girl Jessie was leaning over Jeanne's shoulder watching with a smile and a tear streaming down her face. Jacob {9} was crying happy tears.

    I felt his shoulders pressing and I just pushed past them and then he was there, in my arms. He passed meconium on his way out and I'm assuming that during pushing my waters broke or maybe before he crowned. This all was less than 7 minutes. He was so fat, I mean rolls everywhere. I looked at Keith who was crying and said "We did it!" Everyone was crying even the midwives. Jeanne told us later this was the largest baby she's ever caught. He was born at 6:50.

    I was sitting on the chucks pads with in just breathing him in. Jeanne said when I ready she'd like to get me on the bed to check me out. The placenta was still pulsing but the cord was long enough to maneuver me on my bed. I was actually I little scared to find out the damage. But it wasn't bad. She said I had some big skidmarks and a lot of little fissures. It took about 15-20 minutes for the cord to stop pulsing and then Keith cut it.

    The kids climbed in bed with us to admire their new sibling. The midwives both said Jeremiah is the largest baby they had delivered.

    I need to add on that having had four previous pitocin births, this was so beyond different, empowering and awesome. I don't know if this is connected but for the first time ever my milk came in at less then 24 hours. I had always had to wait until the 4-5 days. I have never felt so good and relaxed though I admit my bottom was horribly painful the first two days but I think that is easily attributable to a nearly 11 pound baby.