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Hospital Birthing..Top 5 Things

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  • Hospital Birthing..Top 5 Things

    Top 5 things for hospital birthing experiences?

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    1. get a doula
    2. inform yourself of medication options and when you want them
    3. if you do not like your nurse ask for another..yes you can!!!
    4. pick out a cool birthing tank to wear so you do not have to wear the hospital attire
    5. bring your favorite pillow


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      Also learn more about the hospital you are going to. Some hospitals won't call your doctor- and you are stuck with who ever is there- and they might not mesh with what you want. Have a backup plan if that happens. Don't be afraid to speak up, and encourage your partner or doula to speak up FOR you!


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        1. Comfy shoes/slippers - I ended up with a LOOONG labor and standing on a concrete floor for hours (I couldnt stand sitting) was very hard on my feet.
        2. Music
        3. TENS machine - A god send for my birth.
        4. Be very specific about what you want to happen ONCE baby is born..... I wish I had longer immediately after the birth to hold and feed before he was whisked off to be weighed and all that, they can do that later.
        5. Chap Stick/Lip Gloss - all that breathing had my lips very dry and cracked.


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          1. caregivers (including pediatrician) who know and respect the kind of birthing experience you want and have agreed and committed to your birth plan

          2. breastfeeding nursing gown

          3. your favorite labor preparation book (dh and i like the "labor companion's handbook")

          4. whatever helps you relax the most - herbal tea, flower essence, music....

          5. your favorite chocolate - to celebrate the birth!


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            1. having a midwife
            2. bringing your own gown to labor in.
            3.having a written birthplan.
   extra people in the room.
            5. knowing you dont have to clean anything up afterwards.