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Dr. Phil wants your Home Birth Horror Stories!

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  • Dr. Phil wants your Home Birth Horror Stories!

    maybe if enough of you who've had positive home birth stories swamp him, they'll be forced to change their tune.

    it made me think, what about all the women who've had Hospital Horror stories and then choose to home birth?

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    Ugh, I can't stand the exploitation that is involved with his show!

    He seems to like to choose topics that are even just a little bit off the path of Mainstream and highlight them in an episode where he can convey his message: "Can you believe people would choose this?"

    I'm still bothered by his homeschooling episode (a couple of years ago!), and how unfairly and with such bias that it was presented.


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      That is exactly what I just did. If we don't share our stories, then one of our most sacred and womanly activities could be underminded with sensational programs like this. Every woman deserves the choice. The informed choice, not the fear-based ones. Homebirth may not be for everyone but it definitely should be an option.


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        I just cannot handle that man....ugh....
        where is the barfing smilie?