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    My births

    With my first we planned a natural hospital birth, it didn't quite turn out the way I hoped, but it was not a really bad experience, I learned a lot. I woke up around 5 am on Aug 26th (the 42 week mark) I had been having light contractions all night but they kept stopping, these felt different and I realized that I lost the plug. I woke my husbamd and we went for a walk (whic we had done until about 2 or 3 the night before), around noon we headed to the hospital, contractions were about 2 min apart. We got there and were told yes it was labor, but I was only a 2. I really didn't know the time from that point on, I moved around a lot, used the ball, used the shower. The next day my doula suggested having my waters broken to move things along, I agreed, being worried that if I didn't I would get stuck with pitocin. Things did intensify at that point and around 2:30p I felt the urge to push, but was told not to because I was a 9, so for the next hour or so I tried not to. Then the nurse said I only had a lip left and she would help me push past it. Finally I could push and it was a great relief, after about 2 1/2 hrs the lip was gone (crazy), and my DR. finally showed up, along with about a dozen nurses. 1 more hour of pushing and my beautiful boy was born.
    Stephen Angelus
    August 27 5:27p
    9lbs 2oz 21 1/2in
    I learned a lot in that birth, to rest when I could, to eat when I could, and that I didn't want to go back to the hospital. I ended up with a few things I didn't want, but I made it without pitocin or pain medication so I knew I could again

    This is my latest, copied from when I wrote it just after...
    Labor began around 2p Saturday, once my husband got home around 5 we called our midwife and doula to let them know something might be happening. We ran a couple errands and got dinner at the mall, our birth tub was set up at my parent's house as we are in an upstairs apt. and didn't feel comfortable with birthing there. So even though things seemed slow (which I expected, the last was 36hrs) we went ahead and went over there. Things were light enough for me to sleep off and on all night, and the next morning I woke up to much stronger contractions. Angel went with my parents to church, and Stephen and I walked and tried different positions for the next few hours. It seemed like things were stopping and I was getting really upset and emotional, right about that time my parent's came by with Angel on their way to lunch and a movie. I played with Angel for a few minutes, then he fell asleep on daddy. Oddly enough after that I spent some time discussing shoes with my mom, as I relaxed and laughed the contractions started coming back. Once they left they were really starting to pick up, as long as I stayed calm and joking with Stephen, we had lunch and went for a walk. That afternoon I laid down for a nap and when I got up again things once again picked up. By early evening I didn't want to talk any more, and was just focused on the labor. My midwife and doula came around 6p. The midwife found that she was at like -4 station and OP so she helped me find positions to turn her so she could descend more easily. She checked an hour later and she was about 0. So progress was being made! Then my doula made dinner for us, and I could only take 1 bite every couple minutes b/c of the contractions getting stronger. I also started feeling back pain around this time and the doula got a hot pack out which really helped. Around 9p my midwife suggested I try to sleep and that she would go home for awhile. She said she expected to hear from me at 3 am, stating that babies really seem to love that time. My doula stayed a little longer, she helped us try some pressure points and then we went for a walk. Things started to slow down again, so I took that as a sign to rest rather than get discouraged this time. I laid down at about 10 and slept off and on until 2:45 am (monday), I went to the bathroom and by the time I walked back to the bed, the contractions were coming harder and faster than they had at any point before. I woke up Stephen and let him know I needed to walk. By 5a the midwife and an assistant midwife came back (and brought breakfast, I loved being able to eat!), I ate between contractions which was getting more and more difficult. By 6a my doula came back and for a couple of hours I labored in whatever position seemed best at the time, not really able to talk at all. Around 8:30a I had the midwife check me and my cervix was so far up she couldn't even tell dilation, but she and my doula kept assuring me that these things work themselves out and sometimes it just waits till the end and happens all at once. I really felt like laying down for a while so through the next several contractions I was side lying with Stephen in front of me to hold on to and my doula holding hot packs on my back. At one point I really felt the need to get up and use the restroom, standing up I started shaking really hard even though I didn't feel cold. The contractions were so strong that I had to stop at least 8 times in the 10 feet to the bathroom. At this point I was still shaking, I was nauseous, and crying (so fun). When Stephen was helping me out of the bathroom my doula asked if I wanted to get in the water now, which sounded wonderful. Shaking and stopping every step or so I made it into the birth tub. Ahhhh........... the contractions were just as strong but the water helped relax my body so that they weren't so painful, and the water just felt so good! The contractions were right on top of each other, and I got on my knees and leaned on the edge while Stephen changed to join me. Once he was in I resumed the same position and leaned on him. I turned on my back for a while, and my midwife discovered I was a 8! I started saying "I can" with every breath out, after I panicked a little, to keep myself calm, I also found it easier to be on my knees again. After a while I felt the urge to push, and it was discovered that there was a slight lip of cervix left and the waters broke (this happened with my first and it tooks hours to push past it), my midwife helped push it back, after 3 pushes I asked her to move her hand b/c it was burning. She held up her hands and told me to feel, just inside I could feel her head! I wanted to turn on my back again, and once there pushing really started, in only a couple pushes she was crowning and they asked me to make short grunts with the next few contractions to slow it down. I supported the top with my hands and the midwife held my perineum to help with tearing. A couple more pushes and her head was out, she had me pause for a moment to check for the cord then another push and she was out! We lifted her onto my chest (the cord barely reached) and they said it was 10:12, I thought it was evening, so I looked at the window and it was still morning! Only 2 hours after my last check! She didn't want to nurse right away, so after the cord was cut Stephen took her out to dry off and I got cleaned up. Then we had some time together skin to skin and she did nurse really well, and we just got to be together for a while.

    Even though this labor was 8 hours longer than my last, I felt so much better after. Being able to eat and drink what I wanted, not having my movements restricted, and no IV's or cords. And most importantly being in a comfortable environment surrounded by people who believe in birth. I will never give birth in a hospital after this! It was wonderful!

    Rhiannon Jo
    Born peacefully in the water @ 10:12 am July 2nd
    8lbs 12oz 21 1/2 inches long


    • #3 is amazing the power of educating ourselves and empowering ourselves to birth how, when, and where we want, when we are safely able too....
      thank you for sharing both of your stories!


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        All through that day I had these mild surges where the muscles of my belly would tighten for a bit and then go slack every 15 minutes. They would last about 30-60 seconds and were in no way painful or even uncomfortable. I had had them off and on for the last month or so, but that day they had been going on fairly regularly. I was sitting in my chair with my feet up watching TV when suddenly about 7:15 pm, the surges changed. They felt like really bad menstrual cramps and were lower and intense and about 5 minutes apart.

        I was feeling a lot of pressure and it was really intense in my thighs and hips so I told my husband I wanted him to work on sending me into meditation (we were doing Hypnobirth) and do this exercise called the passive pelvic rock where he puts counterpressure on my hips. We went into the bedroom with the lights low and he started doing the passive pelvic rock and was doing the beginning meditation where he sends me under (basically counting down and getting more and more relaxed as he counted down). Both things really helped, but the surges started getting closer. We both got paranoid because it seemed like things were progressing really fast so we decided to go to the hospital. We were so excited! Thankfully, my husband had already gotten everything into the car many days before. We had the hospital bag, the birth ball, blankets and pillows all in the car already. The only thing we needed to grab was my bag and I got out my iPod because we had recorded meditations on it that I could use in the car.

        I was able to put myself into meditation in the car using my iPod. I was really calm in the car, just focused very inward and not really watching what my husband was doing (he was apparantly speeding and trying to drive as safe and as fast as possible, hee!)..I kept my eyes closed most of the drive so I could focus on the meditation

        By the time we got to the hospital the surges were about 2 minutes apart lasting about a minute, but still not too bad in intensity. I calmly got out of the car. My husband went to the back of the car and got the hospital bag, the blankets, pillows, the birth ball and my bag. We got to the hospital at about 8 pm. I said I was in labor. They asked me how far apart and I told them 2 minutes with 60 second contractions. I felt calm, but wanted them to hurry because I was feeling like things were a bit urgent, but they were so calm. I was slightly irritated about that. They took us to our labor and delivery room and told me to get into my gown and they would send someone in to check me and see how dilated I was. My husband said later that because I was so calm, one of the nurses was saying they would probably be sending us home, heh, little did they know (that's some forshadowing there).

        While I was changing my other birth partner J arrived. I kept telling them I was having pain in my hips. I find this to be interesting because the pain was more in my thighs, but I kept saying hips and thinking I was saying thighs. I was bending over on all fours over the birth ball rocking back and forth when the nurse came in and told me I had to get up on the table so she could check me and they could monitor the baby. I told the nurse I had requested a moblie unit and she said there was nothing they could do becuase they had 5 other people in labor right then and were really busy. She sounded rather frazzled and seemed a bit irritated with my request. I was grumpy about her response but didn't really know what to do about it.

        I was dubious about having to sit on the bed for 20 minutes while they monitored me, but things weren't too bad yet, so I got on the table and she checked me. I was @ 4 cm and 100% effaced and the baby was at 0 station.

        Then things started getting a LOT more intense, the surges were coming VERY fast and were becoming more unbearably intense, this was about 8:30 pm. I was trying to lay on the table so they could get their stoopid 20 minutes of monitoring, but the surges were getting so bad I couldn't stand it and I wanted to be up and walking so bad.

        I started yelling and writhing about which would shake the monitor loose and they would have to start the stoopid 20 minutes over again, I was getting so mad and was starting to think there was NO WAY I could do this. I felt like I was being tortured. My husband and J were trying to put me in meditation but all I could think about was how much I was dreading the next surge and how awful they were while they were going on. J was trying to read one of the scripts to me that I had told her worked well and I could hear her, but I just couldn't relax enough between to let it help.

        Here's the part I was ashamed of & took me a long time to forgive myself for. Long about 9:15 pm I started feeling like I just couldn't do it, and I started pleading w/ J and my husband to get me the nurse to get me an epidural. I thought I had hours and hours of this to go and there was just no way a human being could deal w/ this. All this time I was still being monitored and having to lay on the bed and I was yelling about how torturous it was to be on the bed and how I just couldn't be on the bed and how much longer, etc.

        Since we'd only been there about an hour & 15 minutes and they were so busy and it was my first baby and all, the nurses weren't coming to check me because they thought I would be hours and hours yet in labor. I kept pleading with J and my husband to help me and get me an epidural. They tried to talk me out of it, telling me I could do it and I didn't need it and it was not what I had wanted before, but I just couldn't handle the pain anymore.

        J got the nurse and told her I wanted an epidural, by this time I had started dealing w/ the surges by screaming at the top of my lungs (unfortunately I'm a trained opera singer) through each one. Finally they came in, and I had said screw the monitors and had stood up. I tried to keep the monitors on my belly, but I just couldn't do it with all that was going on. My husband was holding me and I was dancing a bit back and forth like some kind of freaky labor waltz when my water broke all over. I was horrified thinking it was pee and kept saying I was sorry.

        Standing up helped A LOT and the surges weren't as bad, but they were still incredibly intense. When the nurse finally came in we told her my water had broken and that I wanted an epidural. She said, “Are you sure because your birth plan says you don't want one.” And I said, yes yes yes, I want one. She made me get back in the bed because she said if I was going to get an epidural, I would have to have an IV and I had to be in the bed to get an IV. So I got in the bed and tried to hold still, they put in the IV and she checked me again, now remember they checked me about 8:30 and I was at 4 cm, she checked me again after the IV, this was around 9:30-9:40 and I was at 9 cm.

        She asked me if I still wanted the epidural because I was almost there and I told them yes because I just wanted it to stop. So I was on the table yelling @ the top of my lungs w/ every surge and everyone was trying to get me to relax more and calm down, but I just couldn't.

        Finally the epidural guy got in there and the nurse checked me and she said I was at 10 cm w/ just a lip left to go. I seem to remember that she kept checking me throughout this stage and was saying, now she's at 9, now she's at 10, now she's fully dilated. Then I suddenly felt like I needed to push, and I said, I want to push, I want to push. The nurse told the epidural guy to go away since it was WAY too late, heh. And told me not to push yet because the doctor wasn't there. Not only was my doctor not there, but there was no doctor there. I was like, I HAVE to push, but they said no no no! The nurse said "Well, I have delivered baby's before and I will again if I have to but I would really rather not" but then told me to go ahead if I really had to push and prepared to deliver if she had to. I was trying to hold back and not push.

        Then, the doctor on call walked in and they said, now you can push! The first push I was still yelling so it didn't do anything, very ineffectual. The nurse said "do it this way, hold your breath and put all your energy down there and push towards your bottom" so I did and the head came out with push 2. They told me to stop and then go ahead again. J asked if I wanted to touch the baby's head and I remember saying no because I felt I needed to focus on what I was doing and that it was very important. I pushed one more time and out she came! The massive feeling of relief as she came out was overwhelming. I remember saying, “Oh my god that feels good” when she came out. They put her immediately on my stomach and started rubbing her. I believe that's about when my doctor walked in and said, well I missed all the action. I believe I giggled at him. The baby looked so wonderful to me and then I started shaking uncontrollably. I think I looked frightened or said something because Jenny said, “It's okay, it's normal, it's supposed to happen, it's frim hormones” and I calmed down. She told me it was because of the rush of hormones and that everyone pretty much gets it. My doctor said 7 pounds 4 ounces which made me feel very good. I was also so happy that fate or whatever it is made it so I could have the unmedicated birth I really wanted.

        My doctor went down to take over from the other doctor and sewed me up because I tore second degree and he also delivered the placenta. He showed me the placenta which is a very cool organ! And Margali was born @ 10:03 pm. Her first APGAR was 8 and her second was 9. How wonderful! I was tired and sore, but felt beautifully calm after I had her. I felt like I could just about take on the world but instead J left and my husband and I just sat together and gazed at our daughter in awe as she got to know us and know the world.


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          wow that is an amazing story Bikil
          DO not feel bad for wanting an all worked out in the end
          I also refused to touch my daughters head b/c I was so focused in in "labor land" deeply, but they all said awww c'mon you have too! Amazing...


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            Jeremiah's Birth Story

            The quick stats:
            Jeremiah Allen - Boy
            41 weeks, 6 days, born on May 9 at 6:50pm, at home
            10 pounds, 10 ounces, 21 inches long

            The Story:
            My midwife and I felt that Jeremiah was getting on the big side and we agreed to try a little herbal assistance. She came to the house around 3ish and I took some Black Cohosh. Without even realizing I was contracting, I thought I was just having braxton hicks contractions, I went from 2 centimeters to 5 centimeters in a few hours (5:15ish). When suddenly I started to feel the contractions and strong. They went from nothing to full on contractions two minutes apart for about half an hour. Then they started to blend (no break between), about every 4-5 I would get a 30 second break. Things continued to progress quickly.

            At about 6:20ish, I was on the birth stool and Jeannie decided to see where I was as I had a lot of pressure. That was actually the bulging bag of waters I was feeling. I was a tight 6 at this point. I decided to get in the tub and it helped for a few. I climbed out and laid on the bed. I started crying "I can't do this, I just need 4 minutes to get a grip!" Jeannie reminded me that I can and Keith said it too. So I went from crying I can't to "I can". I then got on the floor on my hands and knees. I said the pressure was bothering me. They (there were two midwives and an assistant) asked me if I needed to push. I said no and then the next contraction came and I said "I'm pushing!!"

            I reached down to feel the baby's head was right there as I lunged my right leg forward. I knew he felt huge. Even Jeanne blurted out "It's a very big head" She helped to maneuver his head and shoulders as I pushed. I felt like I was tearing in half especially towards my anus. But I instinctively knew that if I stopped (lost momentum) he might get stuck. Jeanne said his hand was on his face and moved it saw a loose cord around the neck and unlooped it. She also didn't want me to stop pausing. At this point I looked at two my children who were in the room. My 6 year old girl Jessie was leaning over Jeanne's shoulder watching with a smile and a tear streaming down her face. Jacob {9} was crying happy tears.

            I felt his shoulders pressing and I just pushed past them and then he was there, in my arms. He passed meconium on his way out and I'm assuming that during pushing my waters broke or maybe before he crowned. This all was less than 7 minutes. He was so fat, I mean rolls everywhere. I looked at Keith who was crying and said "We did it!" Everyone was crying even the midwives. Jeanne told us later this was the largest baby she's ever caught. He was born at 6:50.

            I was sitting on the chucks pads with in just breathing him in. Jeanne said when I ready she'd like to get me on the bed to check me out. The placenta was still pulsing but the cord was long enough to maneuver me on my bed. I was actually I little scared to find out the damage. But it wasn't bad. She said I had some big skidmarks and a lot of little fissures. It took about 15-20 minutes for the cord to stop pulsing and then Keith cut it.

            The kids climbed in bed with us to admire their new sibling. The midwives both said Jeremiah is the largest baby they had delivered.

            I need to add on that having had four previous pitocin births, this was so beyond different, empowering and awesome. I don't know if this is connected but for the first time ever my milk came in at less then 24 hours. I had always had to wait until the 4-5 days. I have never felt so good and relaxed though I admit my bottom was horribly painful the first two days but I think that is easily attributable to a nearly 11 pound baby.







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              Congratulations! What a big and beautiful baby boy you have!

              We are planning our first home birth this September (after 4 pitocin births) so your story was such an inspiration to read.

              Enjoy your babymoon!


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                Oh! What a beautiful birth story! Thank you so much for sharing this!


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                  I am feeling great now! Especially since we've made huge progress breastfeeding after such a rough start. I had some serious PPD issues but I swear like a miracle that fog and stress is just gone! I will get my posts about the struggle to breastfeed and share them later.


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                    I would love to hear your story! I had issues @ the beginning of breastfeeding too (see thread called "Nipple Shield") & would love to hear your experiences.

                    Glad things are going better. It's so funny when everything just clicks! That happened for me at about 7-8 weeks & it was just all of a sudden. I realized we were all in sync & it was just amazing! Major congrats to you!


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                      My son Liam was born on July 14 at 6:30 pm weighing 7 lb 12 oz and around 19". .

                      At 34 weeks, I went in to have a NST done since I wasn't feeling much movement at all. Apparently, I was 2 cm dilated and in labor. I had no clue. The MW recommended tributaline since they wouldn't stop after every other course of action she could do in the hospital. The shot was awful, but oh well. I was on bed rest for two weeks after. They were very paranoid about me going into real labor early. I wasn't.

                      From 34 to 38 weeks I had prodormal labor. From 36-68 weeks each contraction would last more than an hour and be very intense (not painful) and I'd get a few each day. At 38 weeks, after much acupuncture work including some light induction work to see if we could get real labor going since we couldn't stop the very annoying and tiring prodormal labor, I went to see my MW for a routine appointment. The hour drive was killer. I was told I was 5 cm dilated with bulging waters and in labor. I didn't have a clue. My DH and I called our parents, got a bite to eat and went to the hospital around 6:30 pm. My labor never really picked up and stalled out. I was discharged around 11 pm to a local hotel where my parents were staying.

                      Only July 14, I went to a chiropractor after a yummy breakfast. My son was posterior which was holding up the labor according to the midwife. After a great adjustment, my DH, my mom and dad went to Circuit City to have my dad's XM radio installed. I labored there for about 1.5 hours, then went to a local mall for a bite to eat before going to the hospital. While in the mall, it got very intense and I could barely eat my food. DH said "We're going to the hospital now." And so we did. The 5 minute drive was killer! I got there and was 7 cm dilated and dilating fast. Just past 8 cm, my water still hadn't broken and was making me extremely uncomfortable. I could feel my water bulging too. So, I waited for a bit then I allowed the MW to break it. I felt so much better after. I got in to a tub, relaxed, hit transition, then decided to push.

                      After 1.5 hours of pushing in bed, then finally on a nice birthing stool, my lil Liam came out one hand first, and the other by his head, then his head and body. It was amazing. I loved every minute of it. He swallowed some fluid on the way out so they did suction him, which made him not want to nurse too much in the first 24 hours. No biggie at this hospital. While being wheeled to our recovery room, I was talking to the nurse who was amazing and said "I can't wait to do that again!" She laughed and said she never hears that. We had a great hospital stay, rooming in most of the time, and lots of breastfeeding support by all the nurses too.


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                        Awwww! What a wonderful birth story! Thank you for sharing it!
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                          Columbia's birth

                          I spent months and months being terrified of giving birth for the first time. I was terrified of an episiotomy, of having incompetant or just unsympathetic medial staff, of being in pain in labor for countless hours. So, starting late, about 28 weeks I started doing some hard-core research. I read Birth Without Violence, Birthing From Within and Magical Beginnings Enchanted Lives and Spiritual Midwifery (every expectant mom should read this book) among others. I drafted a detailed birth plan but realized that the things I was afraid of (unnecessary pain, prolonged labor, episiotomy, c-section, separation from my baby, being bullied) could be avoided or the chances greatly reduced by just not giving birth with drugs and not going to a hospital. I found a terrific midwife and opted for a home birth at my parents house. They live about fifteen minutes away. At 35 weeks I was 2cm dilated and 75% effaced so I was taking it easy and cut back work to part time because we were concerned about me going into labor. However, I made it the whole forty weeks. When my due date rolled around I was 4cm and 100% effaced. Columbia was very low and all was ready. We were all thinking any day now. Scott (my boyfriend) and I had our bags mostly packed except for a few things like toothbrush etc. I was planning on at least 24 hours in labor because I knew that for a first time that was perfectly normal. I had all sorts of techniques and support systems in mind. Melissa (midwife) her assistant Carrie, Scott and my mother would be at the house for the birth. My due date was Saturday, May 24th. I had pretty much stopped having any warm up contractions. Melissa told me it was because my body had everything pretty much done, I just had to go into labor. So as I said my due date arrived and then another day passed. And another and another and another and another. I LOVED being pregnant so I wasn't in any rush to get it over with but by the next Thursday I was starting to wonder. I mean really, with how ready I obviously was what was holding it up? I went to bed the Friday after my due date still not having any contractions or other signs of impending labor. At 3:30am Saturday, May 24th I woke up and felt my first real contraction. I wasn't positive that it was one at first. It was so different from everything I'd felt before. I spent about fifteen or twenty minutes in the bathroom making sure it wasn't just constipation. I started timing them and they were five minutes apart and starting to get stronger and I knew that it was probably time for me to have a baby. So, I woke Scott up and told him this might be it. I wanted to wait a bit longer before calling anyone or getting dressed because it was about 4am and I sure didn't want to alert everyone for a false alarm. Besides, I figured I had many hours ahead a few minutes wouldn't make a difference. A few minutes was all it took for Scott to be positive and he began to get his things packed up. By about ten minutes after Scott getting up I was having to stop what I was doing completely during each contraction. It took forever to get the few things I needed together and Scott was helping me, calling my mom and the midwife, getting his things into the car and warming it up and then helping me get dressed. I was trying to talk to Scott to tell him it wasn't really going like I thought it would. By the time we were getting in the car (about 4:30am) there was absolutely no break in contractions. I had enough presence of mind to grab a roll of paper towels as we walked out the door and Scott was on the phone with Melissa the whole time giving her reports. I remember being in the house and thinking, they aren't pausing, they're supposed to be at least two minutes apart and they aren't stopping! This is transition. I knew it was from reading about it but my mind wouldn't really accept it. I mean people don't just wake up in labor and go into transition half an hour later. But we hadn't even pulled out of the driveway when I had to pound on the door and scream it was so intense. At this point Melissa suggested she just come to us but I gasped out that Scott should just drive and hurry. I did not want to have the baby at my house where we weren't prepared and where my roommate was sleeping. We had been on the road a couple of minutes and my contractions let up. I was glad for about ten seconds but as soon as they did I had to push. Oh, no! I started panting and fighting and doing everything I'd read about to NOT push and slow it down. Soon after that Melissa told Scott to pull over and check for the head crowning. Thankfully it wasn't. But Melissa decided there was a good chance we wouldn't make it there so she left my parent's place and headed toward us. My mom jumped in car with her and we met them half way down Columbia Falls Stage Road, about five minutes from my parent's house. I was so relieved to see Melissa's headlights coming towards us. I didn't even realize she was meeting us on the way until Scott said, "We are almost at the hill, I see you!" Thank god! Not pushing was the hardest part of the whole labor. Melissa had arrived at my parent's, unloaded her equipment and then had to jump back into her car and just head to us. So, her emergency stuff like oxygen was still at the house. But it was definitely the right choice because she would've been too late if she'd taken the time to pack it back up. Anyway, we pull over and she jumps out of her car and comes to my door. I put my right leg on the door and my left on the dashboard. Melissa checked me and said the baby's head was RIGHT THERE. She listened to his heartbeat and she comforted me and told me to go ahead and push. That was more of a relief than I can even describe. I never realized that pushing is not a choice on your part. Your body pushes, you either help it or not but it will do what it has to no matter what. Melissa was giving directions, having everyone get blankets so we could warm them over the vents on the dash, having my mom call home to get Carrie to bring to the emergency equip as soon as she got there, while still focusing on me and the baby, she was incredible. It all took maybe fifteen minutes. Carrie arrived with the oxygen etc about a minute before he was born. I pushed a couple of times and out he came. It was 5am. I had a fair amount bruising and a tiny tear but no stitches. He was put on my chest and we were wrapped up in blankets while Melissa made sure he was breathing well and we were both alright. Scott cut the cord while I cuddle our son. We were never separated for a moment. We stayed for maybe ten minutes after he was born to deliver the after birth and then Melissa drove us the rest of the way to my parent's to make sure she was able to keep an eye on us. We had already decided to name him Columbia (actually Columbia Michael Ulrich Scott Gregory Brown) but how ironic for him to be born on Columbia Falls Stage Road. Everyone got to the house and we settled into bed and snuggled and Columbia nursed and it was heaven. He was 7lbs 3oz, 19in long. Melissa confessed that it has always been a secret desire of hers to deliver a baby in a car. A couple of hours later I told Scott it went too fast for me to really get into it (like a roller coaster the first time) and I would go back and do it again if I could but I wouldn't change a moment of it. It was intense and unexpected but it was also flawless and amazing. And I think it demonstrates very well that birth is a natural occurence not a medical emergency like we are programmed to believe. We women are made for it and our bodies are so much more capable than we give them credit for. I can't believe that after so much preparation and buying supplies and getting ready for a long labor it was all irrelevant. Even the pain wasn't bad. Not saying it wasn't strong but just that even that felt right. There was not a negative moment. I am definitely never selling that car. I have to say one of the very best things was getting to stay at my parent's house in comfortable surroundings, with people who loved me for the next week. It would have been so stressful to just be sent home a few hours later. My mom cooked great food and took care of us and that left Scott free to just focus on helping me and loving up the baby.
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                            Oh what an amazing birth story! Sounds like you had a similar labour to mine (look up above there to see it). We were all prepared for a big long labour too! Hee! Thank you for sharing that!


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                              Isn't it great to be surprised so pleasantly? I talk to so few women who enjoyed labor and it makes me sad. You had a great story.