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  • An Attached C-section

    If you had a C-section, how did you protect the bond with your baby?

    It never occurred to Catherine McTamaney that anything might go wrong:

    "My partner and I had asked all the big questions as we got ready for the birth of our son. We’d prepared ourselves both physically and spiritually for what we expected to be a smooth, beautiful childbirth assisted by our midwife. It just never occurred to me that we would need anything besides each other to welcome our child into this world.

    Okay, okay. I can hear the knowing chuckling of mothers everywhere. Yes, we should have known better. But we didn’t. We were first-timers.

    The day before our son was born, a check-up indicated far less movement in utero than our midwife felt was healthy. Because we knew the baby would be large, Deborah recommended a c-section, and we resigned ourselves to surgery."
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    I had a C-section with my second baby. Not only did I room in with her, but I coslept. Surprisingly, I never heard one peep from any nurse about this -- although my mom said something at one point of how I was endangering the baby. Go figure.