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Healing Birth, The Second Time Around

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  • Healing Birth, The Second Time Around

    How do you heal from a traumatic birth experience? How do you put it behind you and find the inner strength to not only move on but to decide to do it all again? Read Heather Spergel's birth story on The Attached Family online magazine at

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    My first birth was traumatic, but not in the sense that it was while it was happening. It was actually a very happy, joyful time. It wasn't until I processed it later that I realized how traumatized I was. My son was not properly cared for in the hospital, which led to a return admission to the hospital when he was 5 days old. He spent a week there at that time, a different hospital. It took me a long time to reach a place of peace about his birth.

    My second child was born nearly 2.5 years later, and while I felt more empowered, I ended up in a midwife/client relationship that wasn't trusting, supportive, and loving. I felt like I wasn't given the respect and nurturing I deserved. That led to feelings of hurt surrounding his pregnancy and birth.

    My third birth, which happened to be a completely surprising pregnancy, was awesome. I found a midwife who clicked, I felt completely loved, respected, and supported. The birth, though an unplanned UC because of the speed of his birth and my own denial about the efficiency of his birth, was powerfully healing. It righted all the wrong from my last two births. I wouldn't change a single moment of it.