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Want another baby, but DH doesn't/or won't talk about it

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  • Want another baby, but DH doesn't/or won't talk about it

    I am breastfeeding my DD2 who's 14months. My eldest is 12 and lives with her father. So it is really just my DD2 and partner. I would like another or at least start trying for one. DH either acts like he is not sure or changes the subject. Since I first brought it up recently it has caused him to not want to make love. I know AP is children centered, but it also includes the adults of AP children. Well I'm wondering how do I approach him in a NV way so that he will give me a straight answer, and a reason why he feels this way.
    Jen+Alice and Partner

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    seems to me that since his first response was not clear he is thinking about for the hiatis in the other deptartment..also maybe he is thinking about it or does not know how to communicate what he is feeling....
    does he convey his feelings about things well? does take two.. and you want to both be on the same page..


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      He really isn't much of a talker especially when it comes to his feelings. I kinda have the feeling though that he really may not want another right now. I know I do b/c our DD is 14mnths and taking into respect I am still BFing her it may take awhile to conceive. I just really want to make it clear to him how much our DD would love a sibling, and how much I would love one. I don't want to force this on him. I guess I am really ready for another little one.
      thanks for you support,

      Jen+Alice and partner Matt