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  • TTC Support Thread

    Hi there! I just thought I'd start a regular TTC Support thread. Who out there is TTC???

    Here's my story. We started TTC right after Cooper turned 2 the March before last. Its been a trying time b/c we got pregnant first try with Coop so I was definitely not expecting to still be trying over a year later. I had an HSG test actually done today and everything looked great so that was a relief! DH does have low sperm issues but its strange because it seems to go up and down. He's had fairly high results and very low results. So here's to hoping this is the month!!

    Right now I'm waiting to ovulate.

    So who else is trying???

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    Hi there-
    Well we haven't atually started TTC yet because that would actually require DTD and we haven't had time this month
    We are hoping to try soon
    We got pregnant on the first try with Isaac so we'll see what happens this time.


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      We are going to start trying in the next couple of weeks, now that ds and I have fulfilled my goal of two full years of nursing. We weren't trying to get pregnant with him, so I have no idea what to expect....I hope it happens soon though!! We don't want them to be too far apart, and I am really hoping for a pisces. heehee


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        Good luck to both of you! Hopefully it will be quick.

        And congrats on the 2 year mark! That was a huge milestone for us too!


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          How are things going for yall? where are you at in your cycles? we are using clomid this month w/ an IUI and I'm just starting the clomid so I haven't O'd yet.

          Anyone in the two week wait???


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            I'm in the 2WW and I think it might kill me I'm trying not to get my hopes up but that is proving very difficult!


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              Originally posted by jcr92901 View Post
              I'm in the 2WW and I think it might kill me I'm trying not to get my hopes up but that is proving very difficult!
              Oh yay! When are you testing?


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                I need to wait until the end of next week with my first I didn't test postitive until 2 weeks after my missed period


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                  Originally posted by jcr92901 View Post
                  I need to wait until the end of next week with my first I didn't test postitive until 2 weeks after my missed period
                  Oh yuck!! So your two week wait is more like a 4 week wait. No fun for sure!


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                    We are officially trying now, my period ended on the 7th, and it might be a little too soon, but I'm hoping to sway the odds a little for a girl, so I figure the sooner the better.

                    Has anyone checked out If you put in your information(cycle length, length of last period and when it started, etc.), it tells you when the best days are to TTC, and even whether it's a good time to try for a girl or a boy. What's getting me is, I have no idea how long my cycle length is(or my luteal phase, for that matter -- I know, I know, I should have been charting months ago). I haven't written down any of my period dates but I have a pretty good memory of them, mostly b/c I seem to be a lot more regular now than I was before I became pregnant the first time(or maybe it's that I'm paying more attention to them now, lol). I got my period back when ds was 15 months, and have had a period every month since then, except for October when I got it at the very end of the month, I skipped November entirely but then got it again the 1st day of December. But then...I remember specifically that I got my period in March on the 23rd/24th, and got it exactly a month later in April....then I skipped May and got it June 1st. So, I put that I have a cycle length of 31 days, but I have no idea how accurate that really is.

                    Well, that was a bit of a ramble....I've been a typing maniac lately!


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                      Welcome Mia!

                      I just read your other thread and posted over there. So are you in your TWW now? I had an IUI done Friday and Saturday and I'm now 1 dpo so I'm officially in my TWW too!

                      Jessica...any news??
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                        I'm going to put a little chart together so we can keep up with each other. Mia...I didn't add you yet because I wasn't 100% sure if you were waiting to test now or not.

                        Waiting to Ovulate

                        Waiting to test
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                          Yes, I am waiting to test!! Are you kidding me, I'm on pins and needles already! lol


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                            Does anyone know.......I took a Target brand First Response test that is supposed to be able to detect pregnancy 5 days early. It was a VERY faint line, but was there nonetheless (I took it in the middle of the day and had drank a lot of water which the instructions said might dilute HCG if it was early on) but it did NOT say anything in the instructions about a faint line?? I usually buy the Dollar Tree tests that say if there is a faint line then it is a positive result. I have never used these generic First Response tests!! My period is fairly regular but is more than 28 days, maybe 34 or so.......I also JUST reached 2 yrs of nursing, and my LMP was May 15th. This last month we were not 'trying' but I guess not being that first was a clomid baby and the 2nd I got pg on the 26th day of my cycle but I had just stopped bf DD so they were not regular.

                            So ANYWAY, my original ? was does anyone know if a faint line on a generic first response is a positive or what! I guess I will just retest in the am and see what it says then, I am not sure if some tests might just look that way when you take them, if so, what a cruel joke!! I should have bucked up and bought the nice one for $17.99 instead of 3 for $9.99!!

                            (Hi Jessica!!)


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                              If the faint line showed up immediately then its probably a positive! But if it showed up like 20 mins later than it could be an evap line. Cheapy tests are notorious for evap lines. Hopefully its the real thing! You better update us in the morning.