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  • LH surge question!

    I have 2 kids and never even heard of an LH serge till I read some of the TTC posts on here!! I have never used an ovulation kit, but when I was TTC with my first child I was not ovulating, and hence not getting pg, and had to take Clomid. I JUST stopped bf my 26 month old and am trying to see if I am ovulating as my period has been really whacky (my 2nd pregnancy did not require clomid though I got pg on the 26th day).

    My question is, when you us an OPK, does it detect LH WHILE you are ovulating?? I have had a +LH test 3 days in a row, but figured since it tells you when you have an LH surge 24-36hrs BEFORE you ovulate, that I would only get a + once or twice. Today is Day 18 for me, I started testing on Day 11 with all negatives till Day 16. Like I said, my period is wonkey!! So I am tyring to figure out if I am ovulating, already did ovulate,have a long LH serge or if this is normal, or what since I have not used an OPK before. I am trying to figure out my cycle and if there is any method to the madness!!

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    I would guess your about to. Are you charting along with taking the tests?


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      Check out this site:

      "Testing daily once you have started to test is the best strategy since your first positive OPK result probably means that you are about to ovulate and your last positive OPK, if you get more than one, may mean that you just ovulated."

      Fertility Friend is a great site!


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        Thanks for all the info! I was not charting at the same time. Just trying to figure out my cycle and see if there is any method to the madness! I have just stopped nursing my 26month old, and was thinking maybe now things would get a little more on track.It is hard to know when to 'try' when your cycles are a different amt of days every month! I have never used an OPK before and was suprised when it came back + 3 days in a row of the 10 days I tested, I figured it would be only 1 day!!

        Thanks again for all the info and site!


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          It also matters what brand OPK you are using. I learned the hard way that when using the OPKs you get what you pay for. My RE recommends the clear blue easy digital which run ~$40/Box! But before that I was using the generic Walmart brand and got a string of "false positives" - really frustrating!


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            I was using these.....


            I have used the pg tests before and always had accurate results from them, I got them on ebay and they were very cheap!! Mainly I wanted something with out all the plastic, they are just the test strips that are usually found inside the plastic casings. They say FDA approved and that they are what drs offices use, most of the reviews were positive. I used 10 strips and 3 in a row came up LH+ but who knows!!


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              I always got several days of positives too. After a few months of charting too, I figured out my personal pattern. Good luck!