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blighted ovum/ natural miscarriage?

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  • blighted ovum/ natural miscarriage?

    i was thrilled to find out that i was pregnant a few weeks ago, but concernced b/c of brown spotting.
    went to dr., u/s found a good size sac, no babe yet. hcg levels were extremely low that day like 129. they climbed very slowly and two weeks later were only up to the 400s. i have accepted the fact that it is not going to work out, but was hanging on to so much hope that by some miracle it would. i also got 2 other medical opinions after the first dr. after 4 blood tests i can face reality that this baby was not meant to be.

    i started to spot after hearing that it was a blighted ovum, so i think that my mind was telling my body to let go, but then nothing the next day. so here i am 2 wks later- my LMP was april 25, and i have no signs of letting go, and i am starting to get anxious. i would love to just move on, but i need to experience the miscarriage first.

    i really prefer to let my body handle this naturally. i am very much against drugs and surgery unless it is an emergency. i have been trying meditation which is difficult for me, and i am also scheduled to see a homeopathic dr. on monday.

    my concern is that the longer it stays in me, the more difficult it will be to pass. a good friend took 14 wks for her body to release (but she found out at week 12).
    does anyone have experience with a blighted ovum, miscarrying naturally, or tips or words of advice??? thanks for the help.

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    My miscarriage was at 10 weeks.
    Started spotting for 4 or 5 days, then heavy clots and main passage of clots (I believe it was a molar pregnancy) then period like bleeding for 7 days afterward.
    I had no medical tests so do not have numbers or an image like you do. Two weeks later I took a pregnancy test that came up 'not pregnant' so that tells me that the pregnancy hormone was very little or nil in my body.
    Just like births, I think every woman and every miscarriage is different. I had little pain involved but needed to take iron supplements and eat well to build up my strength. You might want to make sure your body is prepared by eating well and getting a lot of iron.

    I understand the waiting can be the worst part about this and kept in mind it could go either way until the clots made it pretty sure! You may be less far along then you think and that is why the sac looked empty. Keep an open mind and be patient (yes, I know it is hard, carry some pads with you, just in case!)

    Get the medical care you feel comfortable with. This was just my experience.


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      It looks like you posted on June 13 - I hope this situation has resolved for you by now, but if not, I wanted to share my experience. I experienced a miscarriage due to a blighted ovum earlier this year. I had many of the same questions and concerns you have and I also wanted to wait for it to happen naturally. I found out on ultrasound about the empty sac and miscarried 13 days later. Those were very difficult days! For me, the miscarriage happened slowly and my body gave me lots of warning. I had approx 24 hours of cramping and light bleeding before the miscarrigae occurred. I was in pain and passing clots, blood, tissue for a few hours. Most of it spent in the bathroom to be close to the toilet. Once it was over, I knew that my body had done what it was supposed to and was then able to concentrate on coming to terms with the loss. I hope it goes smoothly for you - and to remind you to trust your body - as terrible as this experience is, it is entirely natural and your body "knows" how to do it.


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        blighted ovum/ natural miscarriage

        Thanks for the responses and for sharing your experiences!

        At first, I wanted to keep this pain private information for those close to me, but I really do feel that sharing the experience is therapuetic for me as well as helpful to other women.

        I ended up seeing a homeopath to see if she could help my body let go, and my remedy did end up helping my body recognize that this pregnancy was non-viable. It took 5 days of cramping and light spotting and increasing the freq. of taking the medication to go into full blown period like bleeding - that was June 21. My hcg levels dropped from 480 the week before to 80. I only bled heavily for 2-3 days, and I am still spotting a little which I heard is normal. I go back for more bloodwork to make sure my levels are below 5 now.

        Fortunately, the pain wasn't bad for me. I have periods that have been much heavier and painful in the past. Waiting and dealing with the disappointment were the worst thing, but it has caused me to take more time for myself and to look into things that I wouldn't have made the time for previously. I am really glad that I did this naturally with no drugs or surgery. I guess the homeopathic remedies have no risks, side effects, interactions etc., so I feel safe and healthy.

        My thoughts, prayers, and posistive vibes go out to all who have had to deal with the loss of a miscarriage, and maybe sharing this can help someone!!