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  • Going from 1 to 2

    My daughter is 16 mo. and my husband and I are thinking we would like to start trying for number 2. My husband was an only child and I'm the youngest of 2. We are a little stuck with how this will effect our daughter. We know we want at least 3 kids, but just having trouble with this initial hurdle. I would love to hear people's positive stories about going from 1 to 2. I just finished siblings without rivalry and just need some positives about how younger siblings effect the first born.

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    IME, going from 1 to 2 is a big change, but is certainly manageable. any time you change family dynamics, all members are affected. i kind of look at it, though, that billions of families since the beginning of time have had multiple children. and by far the majority of those families have been able to work it out, so i know that we will, too. there are days when i want to tear my hair out, certainly, but there are many days when i see that my sons get so much out of their relationship and i wouldn't change a thing.

    do you have specific concerns that you want to address?