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Nursing and fertility meds

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  • Nursing and fertility meds


    New user. My wife and I currently have an almost 22 month old who we parent in an attached manner for the most part. We wear her when we can (now that she's been walking, she prefers to be on her feet) and we bed share. Also my wife is an advocate of child-led weaning.

    We would like another child. Long story short, my wife's period has not started as she's nursing effectively and our fertility doctor will not prescribe the pumped up estrogen product he wants to because she's nursing, citing the Hiippocratic oath to do no harm.

    That's his prerogative despite some sources citing that the drugs are considered safe while nursing (and nursing is seldom and mostly only at night, I think, at this point)

    We can't possibly be the only people on the planet who have this predicament. Are there any other AP moms or dads out there, who have needed medications so that their bodies will perform like other women's as far as ovulation goes and are still nursing? What did you do? Did your doctor prescribe meds...or are there ways to get one's period started without drugs? We understand if she was nursing less effectively this might happen on its own. Once that happens, the fertility med she has is supposedly 'safe' while nursing.

    Any thoughts or advice is appreciated.