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Coping with near 2 yo and 3rd trimester

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  • Coping with near 2 yo and 3rd trimester

    I need a little support and advice on coping with my nearly 2 year old and the third trimester. I'm 30 weeks and my son is turning two in mid-July. Each day is touch and go. Some days are great, others are just horrible. I have lots of close friends nearby and try to see them a lot, but I'm so tired! It's hard for me to walk more than a few blocks without getting crazy contractions and my DS doesn't want to sit in a stroller -he wants to run everywhere. I'm working on getting a bike so that we can get out that way. Going to the local parks which are a favorite activity of ours, is way too exhausting for me now.

    So, daily life is us playing inside, watching too much TV(gasp!), and playing outside in our back yard that has a mini playground. I still try to see one of our friends in the morning, but that doesn't always work out. In another month, my MIL will be taking him several days on fun outings -like the zoo, aquarium, etc (things we can't afford to do) so I can rest and get things done before baby comes. I'm very lucky DS plays very well independently.

    On the bad days, I feel like a horrible parent because we're stuck inside or I don't want to play. How do others cope?

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    Hi there, my DS is almost 3 and I'm 26 weeks and it's been a hard 26 weeks! I am lucky though as DH works from home.

    Don't beat yourself up though, your doing the best you can and your not controlling this. Sometimes we have to do what we have to do to cope.

    It's not long to go, maybe you can find an indoor hobbie you both enjoy? Order some new books to read?

    Can your partner/husband do the outside stuff in the evenings and weekends?

    It's great he plays on his own, we're trying to nudge our son to do that since I can't be as much fun as I use to be


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      I don't have much advice to offer, but wanted to offer some support. I'm almost 26 weeks pregnant now and my youngest will be 2 in August. He also has 3 older siblings to help keep him company on the days that I'm tired. I do want to say getting some books to look at with you is a great idea! We have a basket full of books that my ds is allowed to have and we'll sit and look at them almost every day. Maybe get some coloring books and crayons to color with. We have some Sesame Street coloring books and a Thomas c.b. that my ds loves. I'm not a big fan of the TV either, but at times like this it really does come in hand when you don't have the extra energy available.

      You are not a horrible parent! Just the simple fact that you are on here asking for support/advice proves that. I don't know if these ideas will help you, but remember, there's not too much longer to go until your MIL will be able to step in and help out.


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        You are doing fine!


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          Thanks for the support. I was feeling very emotional today. I'm finding that one day I'm on my A parenting game, and another day, totally failing. Hormones I guess...

          I am going to try to spend more time reading with him. He got very angry when we were reading for a while because he didn't want to sit still, listen, or he wanted to turn (or rip) the pages way before. He seems to have shifted since then, so we can try tomorrow.

          My DH does take him outside to play once he comes home and I usually do still try to get out in the early morning. With Maryland summer quickly headed our way, I don't know how much longer the morning play will last. *fingers crossed* for a mild summer.


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            I know how you feel. This is my fourth pregnancy with have a 2 or nearly 2 year old at my side. We don't have cable TV but, we do have DVD's and VHS. When my son needs me and I am too tired for any real activity we watch Jungle book on the TV or look at a book. He likes to look at books and I point to a character and he tells me who they are. Sometimes my older ones will take him into their room and play with him, but usually he is with me.
            We don't take too many pouting anymore because it's be close to 100 degrees her lately and much too hot. Don't beat yourself up, you need some of that energy for your birth. There are many things of quality you can without being on the go.