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    I had alot of the same responses when I was pregnant with my first(now 15 mos and still using cloth) and getting ready to buy more for our new bundle due in June. Just want to tell you my experience in hopes of encouraging you... I began doing cloth diapers without a washer and dryer. Every 3 days, I packed them all up, drove across town and washed them at my moms until 2 months ago when we finally moved into a place with hook ups. If I can do it, ANYONE can lol.A word of advice so you don't get burned out--buy disposables for the first 6 weeks or so. You're going to be changing SO many diapers and SO exhausted all the time, it's just easier to wait til your up on your feet again. And, in my experience, you need your baby to chunk up a bit before they'll fit right. 7th generation and Earths best are great organic disposable diapers that will keep your LOs tush rash free. Hope this helped-you'll do great!