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  • Tummy Support Band

    I'm 19 weeks pregnant with twins, and my OB recommended a support band because I've been having some cervical pressure. How tight is the band supposed to be?

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    When I used a band with my youngest, I just wore it at a comfortable level. I wore it because my ab muscles just ached so I set it tight enough that I had some relief but not so tight that it was cutting in to my skin. I definitely think it takes some trial and error.

    I hope that you find relief!


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      I found my chiropractor helped out with my pressure more than the band
      here's a website of listings of chiropractors who specialize in kids and pregnant women


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        I used the band too, but also suffered from a pubic shear.
        The pain was unbareable. I still hurt there if I twist certain ways.
        My OB used crainal sacral therpay on me along with the band and I did get some relief during the pregnancy. Like Melissa said I just tightened it to comfort
        They should measure you for the right size in the office.


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          what is a pubic shear?


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            i just read up on the pubic shear. i honestly believe this is whats wrong with me.
            my dr told me the same thing as the stories i read. she said to wear one of these tummy bands.

            now what i'm concerned about is if this is bad for the baby, is there danger with delivery of the baby?
            why is this so unheard of? apparently dr's pass this off as just normal pains during pregnancy.

            sorry i know this isn't really what this thread is about.