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Stretchmarks: Pls help...

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  • Stretchmarks: Pls help...

    I am pregnant and want to know if anyone has had any luck with skin care for stopping stretchmarks? I have heard that some are not safe to use and can harm my baby but I am so confused by which ones are ok and actually work to prevent stretchmarks, as I happily grow into my 9 month bump!

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    I do not think stretch marks can be totally prevented but I did have less when I used "BURT'S BEES MAMA BEE BELLY BUTTER" when I was pregnant with our 3rd child. It also REALLY HELPED with all the itching I had! It was WONDERFUL & smells soooo good!

    Here is a link to Burt's Bees site so you can read the ingredients & read more about it:

    I bought mine at Motherhood Maternity at a mall but I think Giant Eagle sells it as well. My LOs LOVED putting it on their "baby bellies" whenever I did! My kids & I have EXTREMELY SENSITIVE skin & never once did the belly butter irritate us!
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      I used pure avocado oil and I did not get one stretch mark. I am not sure if it was just my type of skin or the oil, but it certainly made my skin feel wonderfully silky. I still use it as an all-over body lotion and even use it on my face as a night cream.
      Congratulations and good luck!!


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        Hey! Congrats on your pregnancy, I am 3 months pregnant and have had 8 girlfriends all use this product called belli skin care, Elasticity Belly Oil that helps to prevent stretchmarks. Their doctor told them it was the safest to use, then I saw it on a current affair the other night as well. I read up all about in on their website and it talks heaps about what is safe, really interesting. None of my friends got ANY stretchmarks at all and swear by this for stopping stretch marks. I have only just started using it but so far so good! I ordered all of their other skin care for pregnancy as well from and LOVING it. Wish you all the best for the months ahead, we are together in the skin stretch J don’t forget to join the VIP thing on their site before you order, you get a discount that way, i forgot myself but definitely worth it you get 15% off. Good luck.


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          I have also heard that the burts bee is a great product for stretch marks


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            i used an oil for my belly and ate as healthily as i could and i didnt get stretchmarks until i started eating crap, it was one week late in my pregnancy, and then they were everywhere.
            i think a healthy diet is the best thing to keep your skin healthy and supple.


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              Stretchmarks Pls help

              no i am not over weight by much i am 5"11 and 163 lbs so not really not like 200lbs or something lol but you wanted to no so if that helps please help me understand the doctor i go to is like the best at were i live and i just dont think the doctor cares they are taking their time and i dont want something really wrong with me and not no because i want kids and i dont want this to take that away ya no if you have any more questions feel free to ask


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                My birth instructor told us it is primarily genetics that determines how your skin will handle the growing belly. But, if it feels good to you to try something - go for it. I found my skin to get very itchy/uncomfortable from stretching so fast, so I used Palmer's Coco Butter (not lotion - more like a paste in a tub) as well as Eucerin Creme. I've only had one pregnancy so far, but I do not have any marks from it.

                Congratulations on your pregnancy! Stretch marks would be a very small price to pay for having the gift of pregnancy.


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                  Don't worry

                  All of mine faded completely on their own. With my first child, I looked tiger striped I had so many on my belly and thighs. I am 4'11" and was normally around 110 pounds and I had a 9 1/2 pound baby so I grew and grew and my skin sure showed it! They all faded on their own. I've now had 4 kids and every time I've had stretch marks they've eventually gone away on their own.

                  If you want to use a cream to make yourself feel pampered or keep your skin soft, go for it. I really don't think they're necessary at all and I don't think they really do anything. If they're going to fade, they will no matter what you use (including nothing at all). I know women who do have stretch marks and used creams, too, so I think it's partly just your biology. Mine were very pronounced and are completely gone though.