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toddler book on homebirth?

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  • toddler book on homebirth?

    Hello ladies,

    i'm pregnant with my second child and would like to prepare DD for her baby sibling and especially the upcoming homebirth. Most books i've come accross talk about going to hospital / baby coming home / grand-parent caring for older child whilst mum is away etc. but i'd like something that my DD can relate to when the time comes.
    So i wondered if any of you know of a good book for an almost 3 year old that talks about becoming a big sister / having a baby sibling and preparing for a homebirth?


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    Sorry, dont know of any books... but was wondering if you could make one of your own? That way you can personalize it with pictures and the exact plan of attack! Would be easy to do with a scrapbook or photo album. OK, so you may not be able to get pictures of you giving birth or anything but you can get that in the story line. Find pictures of little babies and include some pictures of your Midwife/Dr.

    Would also serve as a lovely keepsake.


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      Thanks for your reply mumtoone, that is a lovely idea and i will try making one of these books, maybe as a nice thing to do with DD, maybe retrospectively? as a way to work through the experience? sorry, only thinking out loud now ;-)

      Anyway, what i am really after is books that will show my DD that a homebirth etc. is all very normal and common IYKWIM (sadly not really....we do not know anyone who is having/had a HB so..).
      A 'ready-made' book would help her view this as another event that 'just happens' in children's/people's lives so to speak. She loves all the books that speak of the dentist / doctor / going camping / celebrating birthdays / visiting a farm, beach etc. and relives and assimilates her own experiences this way which is why i'm really wanting some books.
      The good news is i've found some :-) and since i figured i can't be the only one in need of these i thought i'd share with you ladies:
      -Runa's Birth, The Day My Sister Was Born, by Uwe Spillmann and Inga Kamieth
      -Hello Baby, by by Jenni Overend (Author) & Julie Vivas (Illustrator)
      -Our water baby, by Amy MacLean (Author) & Jan Nesbitt (Illustrator)

      (These are on Amazon UK but can probably be found on a USA site i should think).

      Hope they're of some use to someone :-)



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        Homebirth Childrens Book

        Hi there,
        I just found this forum, so my reply may be a little late for your homebirth, but as my husband and I began to prepare for our homebirth we also realized how little was out there by way of children's literature for our 2 1/2yr old who was there for the big day, so I have written/illustrated and self-published a children's book for homebirthing families and wanted to share the website with you. It is very affordable and covers what I believe to be the most important topics to prepare a toddler for what to expect - the role of a midwife, noises mom might make, blood, cord cutting and placenta delivery etc. I hope this helps!


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          • I Watched my Brother Being Born: Including Children At Birth (Paperback)~ Anne Vondruska (Author), Katarina Vondruska (Author, Illustrator)

          • Waiting for the Sun (Northern Lights Books for Children) (Paperback) ~ Alison Lohans (Author), Marilyn Mets (Illustrator) , Peter Lawson (Illustrator)

          • Welcome With Love (Hardcover)~ Jenni Overend (Author), Julie Vivas (Illustrator)

          • Homebirth by Sheila Kitzinger (not a kids book but really helped my son)