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  • Pregnant with heart and soul!

    How did you grow spiritually during your pregnancy?

    Riet van Dooij, author of Pregnant with Heart and Soul, a Netherlands book that has been recently translated into English and German, shares her insights in pregnancy and spirituality during an interview with API. Read the interview on The Attached Family online at: API members: Use the login provided to you in the Summer 2009 issue of The Attached Family magazine or contact

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    The book sounds very interesting! For myself, my spiritual growth during pregnancy was by experiencing a deeper connection to everything and everyone. I also felt profoundly connected to this little being inside of me and was very aware of the way my motion and emotion could affect her. This deep connection and love also helped me understand how powerful God's love for all creation must be.

    I thought the author's description of the connections between mother and child that happen before birth was very interesting. My first child was adopted when she was 3 days old, and she did not seem to "know" me or be comforted by me. I was unfamiliar - my rhythms were not the rhythms she had experienced, my voice was not the voice she had been hearing. By contrast, my biological daughter came from the womb totally soothed by my voice and my arms. The two experiences were so different.

    (Just an aside: I am not trying to discount or belittle the attachment between children and their adoptive parents. All families are so unique and have very divergent experiences. I'm sure there are other parents who can attest to the immediate bond they felt with their adoptive child, but the bond with their biological child took time. I'm just sharing my own experience - not trying to make assumptions or judgments.)