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very early pregnancy symptoms?

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  • very early pregnancy symptoms?

    Hi everyone, is it possible to have symptoms of pregnancy just 5 days after conception? This is/would be #2 and with #1 I didn't have any symptoms until a few weeks after...a pregnancy test came out negative but I'm convinced I am pregnant! Now at day 8, I'm having lots of cramps. Is that normal (I'm worried it could mean I'm going to miscarry!).

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    Definitely. I had symptoms within 5 - 7 days of conception (implantation) and a positive result a few days later. In that first week of waiting to test, I had painful backaches/cramping. I think it's too soon for you to test, and while the cramps may just mean your period is coming, at this point I don't think you have to worry about miscarriage.


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      With my second child I knew the day before my period was due.


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        yes. with both of mine my nipples were sore within 4-5 days and I began to have food aversions prior to missed period. not morning sickness per se, just things I normally like sounding awful


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          Thanks! I'm sure I'm pregnant then. There's no way that all these symptoms could be a coincidence. Thanks for the feedback.


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            Since it's been a few weeks, I was wondering if you got the answer you were hoping for?


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              Yes, I am pregnant, thanks!!!! I still can't believe I got symptoms so early, though. Amazing. Thanks for everyone's replies.