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..of Blessingways and Baby Showers

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  • ..of Blessingways and Baby Showers

    Which did you have and share something with us that was really great about either one

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    I hope someone chimes in about blessingways. I didn't have one, but would love to learn what it is!

    One thing that was great about one of my showers was that the host knew we were planning to do cloth diapers. She made a little quiz about cloth diapers for everyone to do--best score gets a prize. They were questions like how long does it take for a disposable to biodegrade. Generally people were shocked with the answers and everyone learned a little. I was so happy she did that--it was wonderful!!


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      I had baby showers for my first two children. The last one was special because the person who gave me the shower had everyone create a square that she quilted together for the baby's quilt and pillow case. Although I've moved and now her daughter is pregnant, so she won't be giving me this shower coming up for baby no. 3, she's still going to do the sewing for this baby to have a blanket as well. Also for this shower coming up we're going to have it at a local restaurant that has high tea. I've never been to a high tea, so I'm excited about that. And my mil is flying up in October to give me a blessingway. It'll be the first one I've ever been too. And I'm super excited about that! I know some of the things included in the blessingway she's giving me are;'s a homebirth, so we're going to smudge my bedroom and bathroom, we're going to have each person pick out a goddess card and share why it's special for me, and each person is bringing a candle and two beads...the candle for me to light while I'm in labor and the beads for us to string a necklace for me and a bracelet for the baby (which I'll put in his/her time capsule) which will represent a blessing or wish for each of us. We're also giving each person a candle so they can light it when they find out I'm in labor. And I think my mil is giving me a footbath. And my husband's aunt is doing a 5-10 minute meditation. I think that's about it, I really don't want it to last too long, but she's in charge of it, so I don't know what else, if anything she's adding. Oh, and then everyone's bringing a covered dish, so we'll eat lunch together.



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        For my first, I had a tea party for my baby shower with my family, a cook out co-ed baby shower with our local friends, a small, girls only shower where my husband's family lives, and a small one at work. They were all wonderful, but I really like the tea party most of all.

        For my second, I had a blessing party with my closest friends. We did a little pagan blessing at the beginning, shared well-wishes for the birth and baby, then did some mendhi on my belly and on my guests. It was great!


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          Last few weeks we have a baby shower at the office for Jen my officemate and its really fun...Everybody was happy having Jen first baby...We gave her stroller...